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The ACS is now also available to take away. CYBERSNACS is our podcast for cyber security "to go" on the ears.

Every month our team of moderators presents topics related to digitization and cyber security in business. In the 30-minute episodes, we talk to experts from business and the IT sector and give an outlook on current developments in the CYBERSNACS radar.

In the episodes we take the time to shed light on topics from different perspectives. It is our goal to clarify technical issues as well as classifying cyber security issues in society.

The episodes of the "CYBERSNACS" podcast appear monthly and are available on Spotify, Deezer, and iTunes. And you can download the episodes here.

We look forward to criticism, praise, suggestions and questions that we can implement or answer in the next episodes. You can reach us by email at [email protected] and on Twitter at @CyberAllianz.

# 06 - In conversation with Dr. Thomas Nowey (Krones AG / Deputy Head of the Information Security VDMA)

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to strong growth in home office workplaces. This trend will change the world of work permanently. Many companies are planning to offer more home office jobs in the long term. What challenges does the new situation pose in terms of IT security? And what opportunities does the digitization turbo offer?
Please listen! Wherever there are podcasts. To download the current episode # 06

# 05 - In conversation with Professor Dr. Delphine Reinhardt (University of Göttingen)

Messenger are increasingly an integral part of corporate communication. But how safe are they? What do I need to consider in terms of data protection and security? We answered these and other questions about instant messaging services in the March episode of Professor Dr. Delphine Reinhardt, head of the “Computer Security and Privacy” research group.
Please listen to it! Wherever there are podcasts. To download the current episode # 05

#Exchange - CYBERSNACS special

Around ten thousand Exchange servers were affected by the Microsoft Exchange security vulnerability at the beginning of March. The BSI classifies the threat situation as very serious and declared a limited IT crisis by March 15, 2021. The special episode CYBERSNACS deals with the security gaps and summarizes the situation as well as necessary immediate measures with Robert Formanek, the main incident manager at CERT-Bund for the Exchange gap.
Wherever there are podcasts. You can download the current episode here.

# 04: In conversation with Dr. Stefan Hennewig (CDU Federal Managing Director)

In the February episode, we met with the federal executive director of the CDU, Dr. Stefan Hennewig, spoke about the organization of digital meetings and electoral processes. Can electoral processes be transferred to digital “just like that”?
You can now hear the answer to that wherever there are podcasts. To download the current episode

# 03: In conversation with Arne Schöhnbohm (President BSI)

In the January episode, we spoke to the President of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), Mr Arne Schönbohm, about the work of the BSI, the current surge in digitization and the importance of cooperation between the private and public sectors. Curious? Then listen in here now.

# 02: In conversation with Ralf Wintergerst (G + D)

In the December episode, we discussed the work of the ACS Advisory Board, the cyber security of alternative digital payment methods and the cyber security of alternative digital payment methods with the Chairman of the Management Board and GroupCEO of Giesecke + Devrient (G + D) and Chairman of the ACS Advisory Board, Mr. much more spoken. You can download it here.

# 01: premiere episode

In the first episode we have Dieter Kempf (BDIe.V.) as a guest. He talks to us about the beginnings of the Alliance for Cyber ​​Security and what IT security measures and a strong castle wall have in common. You can download it here. You can download it here.

Moderator team:

Simona Autolitano
Peter Danil
Agnieszka Pawlowska

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