How much does an art historian earn

Salary of an art historian

Salary of an art historian

I studied KuGe and already gained my first professional experience. For about 5 years I have been working on the side in an auction house, where I have now been offered a position. I am supposed to name an expected salary, but I don't really know what is common in an AH (we only have freelancers)! Art historians earn between 2,000 and 2,500 euros gross at the beginning. But what about the salary in an AH? I was thinking of an hourly wage of € 15, with 160 hours that would be € 2,400.
I can also live with less, but I also don't want to be "exploited", what is the lower limit for you?
I would be very happy to receive answers, as I am actually looking for a scientific. Wanted to apply for a traineeship and now have to decide whether I should work full-time at the AH (probably rather poorly paid).

D.H.A.  📅 04.08.2009 10:33:19
Re: salary of an art historian
You say yourself that the average is 2000-2500. So you formulate such a nice sentence as.
So I would address that in the conversation and say that of course you don't want to have 2500 € straight away, but the salary should already correspond to the average of around 2200-2300 € (the other range is a bit too big).
Re: salary of an art historian
I did a traineeship at the auction house and was then taken on. You start with 2000 €, it is staggered with us, first 2000, then 2200, 2500, each in a rhythm of one year. 2700 is the pain threshold as deputy head of department. Experts and department heads from € 4000. greeting
Domestic study  📅 04.08.2009 14:32:08
Re: salary of an art historian
you are a department head from 4000, you need a few years until you get there, I'm glad that I'm studying business administration and will start at around 3400.
Otscho  📅 04.08.2009 15:02:21
Re: salary of an art historian
Inlandstudi wrote:
> I am glad that I am studying Bwl and with about 3400
> will get in.

Do you already know that exactly?
Domestic study  📅 04.08.2009 15:05:13
Re: salary of an art historian
I already know Jup exactly, it's not particularly high, rather a bit above average.
Re: salary of an art historian

Thanks for the answers! Will probably argue with the salary tables and ask for 2000. The only problem is that I am relatively certain that the amount will be too high (small business) and that I am simply not yet clear about my personal pain threshold
I would probably accept. to work underpaid for some time, but for how much less is not yet clear to me.
The alternative would be to leave the company in order to complete a scientific traineeship limited to 2 years, where I would only get 1,142 €.

@BellaNina: You started with € 2000, what is the bottom line left for you? Hope the question is not too indiscreet!

Best wishes
Re: salary of an art historian
Dear Nena,
So from 2000e as a single, without children, you have around 1300 € - where you can make ends meet, without a car. I also have the offer of a scientific. Voluntary work at the museum for 1000 € / month, that would be around 750 € net. The question is what do you want to do later? You already have some experience in the AH, are you aiming for the museum? Are you aiming for an apprenticeship (university)? Then apply for the positions.
In the AH the chances of advancement are low and you are tied to the market, I find it very exciting, but in the 2 years AH I have already seen senior citizens being laid off - who now after 8 years in the trade have not found a new job.
I am unsure of myself because of the volunteer work - think you should gain as much experience as possible. Everything is probably unsafe - or how do you see it or what experience have you had? greetings
Re: salary of an art historian

In addition to my work at the AH and my studies, I completed a 1-year internship and a 1-year traineeship in the museum, which was followed by a 1-year contract with the museum. So I have about the same amount of experience in both areas.
That also makes things so difficult for me because I like both areas and they offer both advantages and disadvantages.
The AH is actually going very well (internet presence makes a big difference), but we are only 3 people with a supervisor, so the chance of getting a higher wage at some point is rather small.
The traineeship, which I would otherwise like to do, is limited to 2 years and paid for as normal at € 1240 (tariff). But after 2 years there is a very high probability that no takeover will be possible, then the search will start all over again. I wouldn't have the problem with the AH! I just want to be able to adjust to something and not have to move every 2 years, I've been in a relationship for over 11 years and have been living with my boyfriend for 6 years, so it is difficult to go separate ways again!
When I see everything together, I tend to tend towards AH, even if it will be extremely underpaid, but first of all I have a permanent job in which I can work independently.
BellaNina, are you still working in the AH?
Phew, sometimes I really regret not having studied something else!

best regards
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