Everyone learns differently

Everyone learns differently

One can learn best when he hears information. The other is more likely to take up learning content when she talks about it to others. Still others have to read or even feel to understand. What type of trainee does your trainee belong to? You will find out in conversation, through careful observation and with a little experience.

The learner types

A distinction is made between four types of learner: the visual, the auditory, the haptic and the communicative learner type.

  • The visual learner type: Graphics, videos, sketches - the visual learner is most likely to acquire content if it is presented to him in pictures.
  • The auditory learner type: Auditory learner types best absorb knowledge through audio media such as podcasts or by listening to others.
  • The haptic learner type: Haptically oriented people learn best by understanding, in the truest sense of the word. Let them feel, sense, try out and apply what they have learned with their hands.
  • The communicative learner type: Discussions and conversations are the ideal way for this type to acquire knowledge and to understand learning content.

The more senses that are addressed, the better

You are on the safe side if you use all your senses and learning channels. This is the best way to remember information and to stay there.

  • If possible, combine your explanations with pictures and practical action.
  • Use short sentences in learning materials or work instructions and explain technical terms.
  • Work with graphics and diagrams to supplement or ideally replace text.
  • Let the trainees have their own say as often as possible: They should explain what they are doing and what they have worked out.