How are attack dogs trained

The character of a fighting dog

Similar to people with a muscular appearance, the canine powerhouses can also be very sensitive and gentle on the inside - if they are encouraged in this behavior. It is somewhat comparable to human upbringing. If parents convey to their son that he is a "coward" just because he shows sensitive and meek sides and they only reinforce the hard parts in him, the child will unfortunately behave less according to his meek, sensitive nature. Here, too, the child is not to be held responsible, just as the dog that has been trained to be a fighting dog.

The dog is always careful to behave in a pack-friendly manner. Wolves experience in their pack that they are excluded if they do not conform to the pack's code of conduct and behave too rowdy. The same applies to the dog in relation to its pack. And his pack can be a family with a child.

Animal shelters are very careful to ensure that a potential new owner meets the demands that the keeping of a fighting dog places on them. Ultimately, it should be ensured that the dog behaves in an exemplary manner, i.e. that there is no attack on a person or an animal - and that the dog comes to such a beautiful new home with the new owner that it can stay there for a long time instead of in Having to return to the shelter.