What is the history of Detroit

Detroit: From Auto City to Comeback City

Info / recommendations | Michigan | 02.12.2016 | Photo: Pure Michigan

Detroit is located in southeast Michigan and is the largest city in the state. The Motor City has helped shape American culture throughout history: This is where the first cars were built on the assembly line and this is where the legendary Motown sound was born.

Detroit has since reinvented itself. With a unique urban atmosphere, renowned museums, fascinating architecture and a vibrant nightlife, Detroit is now more worth visiting than ever. The following video summarizes this very well and gives a nice overview of this extraordinary metropolis:

The inner city of the former "Motor City" and today's "Comeback City" is best discovered on a stroll. Especially in summer you can take a wonderful stroll along the Detroit RiverWalk and admire the city skyline, many of which are listed buildings. After all, Detroit has one of the largest collections of late 19th and early 20th century homes. The central square of the city is the Campus Martius Park, where many events take place throughout the year.

Car Culture
The car has a very special history in Michigan. Charles King presented his first car in Detroit as early as 1896. With the invention of the assembly line by Henry Ford, the automotive industry in Detroit developed rapidly. The city has been the cradle of the automotive industry at least since the founding of Chrysler and General Motors. Even today, the connection to the car is still clearly noticeable.

The Henry Ford
"The Henry Ford" is certainly one of the most interesting museums in the country. Calling it just a "museum" is actually a gross understatement. Henry Ford personally launched a collection of iconic inventions, innovations and artifacts from three centuries of American history that can be found in part of the complex. In the adjacent Greenfield Village, on the other hand, you feel transported back in time. Guests drive in the original Ford T-model or in an old steam train through the historic village, which is practically an open-air museum, and watch at work in true-to-the-original workshops, blacksmiths or glassblowers. In addition, you can visit production and see how mechanics bring a pick-up to life in several exciting work steps.

Detroit is known for its vibrant music scene. The legendary record label Motown was founded in Detroit and has produced some of the most famous soul musicians of all time with the Jackson Five, Diana Ross and Lionel Richie. But the city has also inspired many artists in other musical styles such as rock (Iggy Pop), hip-hop (Eminem) and electronic music. In addition, Detroit hosts numerous concerts from jazz to pop every week.

"The D", as the city is called for short, is one of the largest sports metropolises in the USA. USA Today readers even voted Detroit the “Best Sports City in the US”. No wonder, two of the most successful teams in their respective leagues play in Detroit, the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Tigers. In addition to ice hockey and baseball, the other two national sports football (Detroit Lions) and basketball (Detroit Pistons) are each represented by a professional team. The Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings venues are all in downtown Detroit.

In addition to "The Henry Ford", Detroit offers several other unique museums. The Motown Museum immerses visitors in the era of funk and soul music, while the historic Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, with its antiques and beautifully landscaped gardens, provides a glimpse into the life of one of the most powerful families in the United States. Art fans will get their money's worth at the Detroit Institute of Arts with its collection of works of art and exhibits from ancient to modern.

Relics of days gone by
The decline of the auto industry has left its mark, but these are of great tourist attraction. Many amateur photographers discover the factory ruins on their own in search of the perfect snapshot of the morbid scenery. But even on tour you can - and better to be on the safe side - discover the wasteland that was once the beating heart of Detroit.

The Comeback City
Detroit has been celebrating a brilliant comeback for several years now, which is what gave the city its nickname. Downtown and many neighborhoods have changed completely - fortunately, the charismatic "chabby chic" is still recognizable. You flirt with it in a very successful way. Corktown, for example, is currently a pretty hip part of the city with great, creative cafes and restaurants. Here you can go for a great stroll and then go for tea tasting. In the Eastern Market district you will find numerous murals and maybe a block party that is currently taking place. There is always something going on here - especially at night! If you prefer something greener and more traditional, you should consider taking a riverboat trip to Belle Isle or cycling along the Detroit International River Walk. And then a fresh draft from a local brewery - perfect! Art installations and street art meet in "The Belt" (between Liberty St. and Broadway) and craft cocktails in the bar "Standby", which is reminiscent of the whisper bars of Prohibition. Or would you prefer Margarita with a view? Then the 3Fifty Terrace is ideal, a roof top bar with a panoramic view of the skyline! You have the choice!

As soon as the sun goes down, Detroit's nightlife begins. Concerts, musicals and performances take place in the venerable Fox Theater, while the Greektown district indulges the taste buds with an abundance of different restaurants. Countless bars and clubs offer night owls endless possibilities and gamblers can try their luck in the city's three casinos.