Why is Uber banned in India

Suspected driver rape: Uber banned in India

The ride-sharing service Uber is repeatedly criticized, but the US startup is now having to survive a PR disaster in India. Uber was banned in India after a driver working for Uber allegedly raped a woman. The company strongly condemned the "terrible act". In Germany there has been criticism in connection with Uber for months because the service violates the passenger transport law, in the USA the company recently hit the headlines because of allegations of spying on journalists. The alleged act of an Indian Uber driver goes beyond all previous dimensions.

Criminal record

Last Friday, a 32-year-old driver from New Delhi who worked for the ridesharing service allegedly raped a passenger. The accused was arrested by police yesterday, reports the Times of India (TOI). It also says that the crime might not have happened if the company had carried out a background check of the alleged perpetrator: This is said to have been convicted of rape in 2011 and spent seven months in prison.

However, there are currently still contradictions, as the alleged rapist is said to have been acquitted according to his own statements or the police, and this is currently being checked, according to a representative of the executive. The accused is said to have already confessed to the current act, according to the TOI, he showed little remorse.

"Hideous act"

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick responded to the allegations in a blog post, describing the "heinous act" as "appalling". Everything will be done to bring the perpetrator "to justice" and "to support the victim in her recovery and her family". The head of the ridesharing service also promised that they would work with the authorities to develop background checks, which, according to Kalanick, are currently not available for licensing in commercial transport.

But it may not get that far, as the city government of the Indian capital has now banned Uber, as The Economic Times writes. Uber would "lead customers astray", since one offers or operates its services with permits not valid for New Delhi. Ban, Uber, TaxiUber

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