Why are you making fake IDs

Real or fake IDs - training courses help with identification

Abuse is expensive

It is important for authorities to identify false or forged papers. Because with forged ID cards great abuse can be committed. An example of fraud: On the basis of unrecognized forged ID cards, an applicant can obtain a registration certificate from the authorities in his place of residence, thereby opening a business. Accounts are then opened in the name of the new company, loans applied for and leasing and mobile phone contracts concluded. Before the fraud is discovered, the perpetrator goes underground - only to continue with a new identity a short time later. Abuse can also have costly consequences for the authorities themselves, for example if the office provides financial benefits on the basis of forged IDs, such as social assistance in the form of cash benefits or benefits in kind, unemployment benefits or child benefits.

Many of them are trained so that officials can better identify counterfeits. Then a pile of different documents - identity cards, driver's licenses, residence permits, passports and temporary documents - is placed on a table and the employees are supposed to find out whether they are real or forged. The forged IDs are samples and are used exclusively for this purpose.

See, feel, tilt

Many forgeries are made so simple that they are immediately noticeable on closer inspection against the light of day, by tilting the document or by running your finger over it. Changes to the machine-readable zone (MLZ) on documents are also frequently discovered because they are difficult to manipulate.

If you look closely at the German passport, you can discover astonishing details: wonderfully fine guilloches, iridescent colors, hidden microscripts. Or the text and the notes of the German national anthem on the passport data page. Just like the many small Brandenburg gates and the tiny guilloches in the form of notes. Hidden as a watermark on the paper, the stars of Europe circle the federal eagle. If the pass is leafed through quickly, one of the stars wanders through the circle - the pass as a flip book.