Have you ever regained confidence?

Regain ex girlfriend trust

If you want to win back your ex girlfriend you have to be able to regain her trust.

  • Only when she believes that you can have a happy future will she take you back.
  • Once she's at the point where she has lost trust in you, you have to try all the more to show her how important she is to you with your behavior.

Just words and asking to trust you again are not enough.

How can you get it back your ex girlfriend's trust?

As you know, trust can only be built over time and lost within a few seconds due to a few wrong words or actions that you later regret.

Before you start to regain the trust of your ex girlfriend you have to be 100% honest with yourself and admit your own mistakes. However, you should try to see these mistakes as advancements instead of messing yourself up for them.

Trust in the relationship is the basis

Every couple will be able to confirm how important trust is in the relationship, because this is the only way to create a certain security that allows the partner to open up to you completely.

We are trained to be suspicious and rather to wait a little longer to show our true feelings out of self-protection.

Once you have reached the point where your ex girlfriend mistrusts you, it is important that you avoid judging her for it and thereby triggering a big argument.

Trust is also a lot about respect and how seriously you take their feelings. She wants to be taken seriously and to be 100% sure with you that you only want the best for her and that you are there for her even in difficult times, when she feels weak and just wants to be hugged without you want to discuss everything and start to blame her.

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Learn to trust yourself and take responsibility

To be trustworthy you have to be able to take full responsibility for everything that happens in your life and your entire environment.

Your ex girlfriend, but also other people, have to feel that you are authentic and that you are always interested in taking responsibility.

Do you tend to avoid difficult situations or do you stay calm if something happens that makes you lose control?

When everything is going well, it is very easy to have a relationship and have a good time full of harmony, love and fun. But it is precisely the difficult, uncomfortable situations in which you have to prove how much you can be trusted and, above all, how much you trust yourself to get the situation under control.

Most are more used to following and adapting to the opinion of others in order to point the finger at others when something goes wrong, but this is precisely a sign of weakness and means taking the role of victim.

So if you want to regain your ex girlfriend's trust this is the first point you need to work on. Build your self-confidence and thereby increase your attraction to other people who can feel safe with you and always know that you will find a solution to the situation, no matter how hopeless it seems.

Can your ex girlfriend ever trust you again?

No matter what happened between you, from now on you have to be 100% honest with yourself and your ex girlfriend. However, you can only do this over a longer period of time, because you have to follow your words with deeds.

Trust is the most valuable thing you can give a person and you should always be aware of that. You may have made mistakes in the past and need to learn to deal with them.

You could certainly have avoided a lot, but it doesn't help you if you blame yourself and sink into self-pity.

You mustn't put them under pressure and try to force your relationship again as soon as possible, because that usually ends in chaos.

Your ex girlfriend has to have time for herself and you have to learn that it is never natural to have a woman by your side who trusts you and whom you give your love to. You were a team together, you (probably) both made mistakes and didn't speak openly with each other, now it's up to you how your future goes.

What is the best way to build trust?

The most important thing is to take enough time and avoid any form of pressure or empty promises. Only through open communication, admitting mistakes and remaining authentic gives you a chance to build trust.

How long will it take for my ex girlfriend to trust me again?

Of course, the time depends on what happened between you, whether she can ever trust you again. Women deal with injuries differently and therefore it can take a long time for some, especially if you have cheated on them with another.

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Gaining back your ex girlfriend's trust is probably harder than you can imagine. Especially when a woman has let you get very close to us because of no matter what has been injured, she will shut herself up inside so that she does not have to experience that a second time.

You have to give yourself and her time to process old experiences and then carefully begin to regain their trust. There is no guarantee she will ever trust you as much as she did again, but it is definitely worth a try if you really love her and have serious intentions.

Trust is that which builds up slowly over time and can be destroyed in a few seconds, so you should never abuse the trust of people who are important to you. Reflect for yourself what made you destroy their trust, otherwise you run the risk of doing the same again and losing them for good.

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