How is the GLG doing in 2015


Eberswalde. The GLG Gesellschaft für Leben und Gesundheit (Society for Life and Health) has met the targets of the consolidation program adopted in 2013, and the municipal group has also met in the past year. The four GLG hospitals and the GLG Fachklinik Wolletzsee alone recorded 112,993 inpatient and outpatient cases in 2015, 2,122 more than in the previous year. In operations, the number increased by 260 to 16,289. The demand for medical services continued to develop in 2015 at the high level already achieved in previous years.

The number of older, chronically ill and multimorbid patients is increasing. For GLG, this means more benefits in geriatric areas and diseases that are clearly related to age, for example cardiovascular problems, vascular changes and joint wear, and the expansion of specializations in areas such as stroke, diabetes or oncology. Accordingly, the GLG health facilities expanded their range in a targeted manner in 2015. The establishment of medical centers was also promoted. The emergency center and the tumor therapy center at the Werner Forßmann Hospital in Eberswalde were added to the already existing medical centers in 2015.
Through professional exchange beyond the GLG and the networking of the clinics and locations within the GLG network, also on the basis of telemedicine, the new tumor therapy center, for example, is able to comprehensively treat 80 to 90 percent of all cancer patients.
The expansion of day-care areas is also one of the successfully implemented strategic goals. A new psychiatric-psychotherapeutic day clinic was opened in Templin. The GLG thus has a total of seven locations in the rural districts of Barnim and Uckermark.
The GLG scholarship, which was awarded for the 46th time in 2015, helps to secure the next generation. 25 medical students are currently receiving the special scholarship, which is linked to at least three years of work in GLG institutions after graduation. More than a dozen former GLG fellows already work in GLG facilities. For non-medical specialist professions, the GLG has increased the number of training positions and now offers a range of 18 different health professions for training.
In economic terms, the GLG management looks forward to the successful completion of the consolidation this year and is preparing for the new, subsequent optimization phase. The liquidity of the GLG group was increased by 50 percent compared to 2013, the deficit of the MSZ Uckermark was reduced by 80 percent.

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