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Opening a bottle without a bottle opener (9 tricks)

Whether with a lighter, a fork or the house key: this is how you can open beer bottles without a bottle opener.

It usually happens when we're out and about and looking forward to a cool drink from the bottle: Nobody has a bottle opener with them. In this post we will show you 9 methodswith which you can open a bottle without a bottle opener.

1. With another bottle

If you have more than one drink, the easiest way to open the bottles is with another bottle. Hold the bottle to be opened by the neck so that there is still space below the lid for the head of the other bottle. Hold this on your stomach. Now slide the lid of the bottle opener replacement bottle under the edge of the drink to be opened and, using the leverage, press the lid off the neck of the bottle. The trick works best with a quick, jerky motion. The only problem is that in the end there is a bottle left over.

2. Lighter

If you have a smoker in the group, ask them about their lighter. This is one excellent replacement for a bottle opener. Clasp the neck of the beer bottle with your hand so that your index finger serves as a support for the lighter. It should be just far enough from the lid that the edge of the lighter still fits in between. Grasp approximately the top half of the lighter in your hand and bring the bottom edge to the bottle cap. Now make a smooth but brave upward rotary movement to open the bottle without a bottle opener.

3. paper

Take a normal one A4 sheet and fold it in half once. Then fold it in the middle again, crease the lower edge and fold it upwards in an accordion shape until you are holding a solid piece in your hand. Clamp this under the bottle cap and push it up until it loosens. Warning: it is easy to slip and injure yourself here.

4. House key

Unlike with the above items, do not push the lid off your neck in one fell swoop, but first pry the prongs open one by one. With the tip of the wrench, bend up, point by point, until the lid can be loosened. But be careful: if you notice that the key is bent, stop immediately.

5. fork

The procedure is similar to that of the key. You have to push up the prongs one at a time until the lid loosens and can be removed. With a sturdy spoon or a thick knife back as a lever, the beer can also be opened without an opener.

6. Belt buckle

Belt buckles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. With a somewhat more robust model, however, beer bottles can also be opened without a bottle opener. Some have a practical bar that can be used in place of the opener. For thinner versions, hold the beer bottle with one hand just under the lid, put the buckle over it so that the edge lies below the prongs and then pull the belt upwards with a jerk.

7. Striking plates for doors and windows

Take a closer look at the lock plate recesses in your doors and windows into which the door catches click. These are not only reminiscent of a bottle opener turned on its side, they can even function like one. However, you should be careful here, as the strike plate can bend if too much force is exerted.

8. Edges

Wherever a stable edge can be found, you can also open your beer without a bottle opener. Place the bottles on the edge so that the edge of the lid rests on them. Now boldly hit the lid with the palm of your hand. That should make him fall away. This method is not recommended on wooden furniture or other sensitive areas.

9. CD

In fact, a CD can be used to break the cork off a bottle. To do this, hold the CD in one hand like a frisbee and the beer bottle at a slight angle upwards in the other. With a twist of the wrist, hit the CD against the edge of the lid from below until it flies away. This method takes practice and should not be done with CDs that are still being listened to. Blanks are better.

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