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Purolite Ltd : Purolite selects Repligen's market leading prefilled columns in the OPUS® range

LLANTISANT, Wales, Jan. 29 / PRNewswire / -

Praesto® high-performance resins for protein A and ion exchange chromatography are paired with OPUS® cutting-edge technology

Purolite Life Sciences, a leading supplier of agarose resins for chromatography, today announced a partnership with Repligen Corporation (NASDAQ: RGEN), a life science company specializing in cutting-edge bioprocess technology and manufacturer of the market-leading OPUS® line of prefilled chromatography columns . The company has selected Repligen's OPUS® technology to provide Purolite customers with a high quality complete solution for the downstream purification of biologicals, especially those based on monoclonal antibodies. The agreement provides that Purolite offers its customers the full range of Repligen's GMP-compliant prefilled columns of the OPUS® series and thus a flexible disposal alternative to self-filled glass columns. Purolites Praesto® high-flow agarose resins for protein A affinity chromatography and ion exchange chromatography are paired with the OPUS® portfolio of chromatography columns in order to meet the high requirements of bench-top and mass production-compatible purification.

Chris Major, Sales Director at Purolite, said: "This collaboration is in line with our strategy of offering our customers who work on downstream processes more choice and flexibility. The OPUS® pillars have won us over because of their market-leading position alongside technology and economies of scale and the customer-specific configuration that distinguishes Repligen. OPUS® columns are ready-to-use, pre-filled alternatives to self-filled columns. They offer the largest selection of diameters on the market as well as flexible bed heights. This focus on customer needs goes perfectly with our Praesto ® portfolio of agarose-based high-flow chromatography resins that have proven to be superior to market alternatives in terms of capacity, durability and total material costs. Our customers will benefit from this partnership between two reliable suppliers. Together we have more than 70 years of concentrated expertise and I. innovation know-how. With us, solutions for downstream processes can be provided faster and more efficiently than ever before. "

Steve Tingley, Repligen's Vice President of Sales, added: "Over the past 5 years, pre-filled columns have become the norm with biologics manufacturers to make processes more flexible, accelerate time to market and improve process economics overall Repligen's OPUS® technology introduced as standard platform solutions when working with pre-filled chromatography columns. This type of collaboration with suppliers of chromatography resins greatly simplifies the procurement of materials for pre-filled columns for customers. Specifically, this agreement with Purolite will enable short lead times for customers who use Purolites agarose-based products Combine resins from the Praesto® range with the prefilled OPUS® columns. "

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