How does football affect our lives?

Football is our life - players sing

It's that time again. The ball is rolling and with that are the biggest problems of the next few weeks, how do I manage to watch all the games and still be at work on time - The game of games (Ivory Coast-Japan) kicks off at 3 in the morning! Hello!?! We're not just football fans, we're also vinyl fans. Reason enough to combine both passions. A little review of a musical masterpiece: Football is our life

The German national soccer team sings for the 1974 World Cup.

Ha-Ho-heja heja he !, it echoes at you before marching music starts and literally sweeps you along. This gem of music history is particularly convincing in terms of the lyrics. Like a musketeer, the troops around Helmut Schön go into battle on the lawn. "..., one for all, all for one - we stick together." There is also no shrinking from military rhetoric: "And if the victory is ours, then Freud and Honor are ordered for us." Of course, it is also mentioned that football is hard work: "We always play, even in wind and rain, - even when the sun is smiling and others are having fun ..."

A special highlight, however, is the team photo that adorns the record cover. In 1974 not all professionals were trained in dealing with the media. And many of those involved simply look annoyed by this photo opportunity. Sepp Meier and the infallible figure of light Kaiser Franz Beckenbauer look as if they were in the wrong film. Paul Breitner looks as if he wants to get to the photographer's leather. And then the shooting was probably canceled. There is no other explanation for the fact that this photo was chosen, and not a really good one on which everyone radiates happiness.

Günter Netzer was already a cool sock back then and stayed away from the whole event. He sends best regards from Madrid and wishes the best of luck.

Ha-ho-heja heja hey!