Morals go out of style

Fashion beats morality

The author and director Sarah Zierul took this first civil law suit in Germany as an opportunity to make a documentary about the current situation in textile production.

Has anything changed since the disasters in Pakistan and Bangla Desh?

Are you shopping more consciously?

Are there now companies that are more interested in ethical issues in their textile production? The film gives answers ...

I am glad that such films exist. I find the fact that low-cost discounters, for example, calculate a labor cost of 13 cents when producing a T-shirt, is unbearable. Likewise, that young girls enthusiastically present their Primark shopping loot on YouTube to this day, without asking the question at whose cost they are happy about their bargains.
And this is the point at which I am personally affected as a tailor: The flooding with cheap textiles from the Far East has significantly contributed to the fact that the appreciation for the tailoring trade has decreased steadily:

"Replacing a zipper is more expensive than the pants themselves! ??"

"A tailor-made dress costs over 100 euros! ???"
Fortunately, the number of customers asking me such horrified questions is decreasing. I'm happy about that. So a bit is changing after all ...

Yours Anke Schulz, November 20, 2016