Considered 1 8 GHz to be fast

the t.bone free solo PT 1.8 GHz

Wireless set for a small budget

The t.bone free solo PT 1.8 GHz is a radio set consisting of a bodypack transmitter and a stationary receiver. The best part: Beginners can work with it in no time at all. And although the analog wireless package is in the lower price segment, it still offers some professional features. It is not only a selectable transmission power, but also an adjustable squelch, frequency scan and pilot tone on board. In order to be able to use it immediately on the go, it also comes with a transport case, rackmount set and guitar cable. Last but not least, it can be operated without registration and additional fees.

Professional features on board

The bodypack transmitter of the wireless set is equipped with a display so that it is easy and clear to use. The squelch function can be used and adjusted to prevent the receiver from getting too noisy when the radio connection is poor. If you want to find free radio frequencies particularly comfortably, the automatic frequency scan of the receiver will help. And for a particularly stable radio connection, this wireless system not only transmits the audio signal of the pocket transmitter, but also a pilot tone: It provides a number of conveniences, such as the fact that the battery level of the pocket transmitter can also be read on the receiving station.

Understanding and to the point

The radio set the t.bone free solo PT 1.8 GHz is ideal for absolute beginners in the world of wireless technology. Because with all the important features for easy-to-understand handling, including a rack kit and, on top of that, the freedom to log in, its operation does not require a lot and is still carefree. 16 presets always offer enough security for occasional radio use. With its centrally placed mute switch on the top of the device, operating the bodypack is simple and clear.

About the t.bone

The t.bone has been part of Musikhaus Thomann's portfolio of own brands since 1994. Items such as headphones, wireless systems, in-ear equipment as well as various microphones and matching accessories are offered under the brand name. The products are made exclusively by well-known manufacturers who also produce for many well-known brands. Clear advantage: brand quality at an affordable price. And word gets around: every seventh Thomann customer has bought at least one the t.bone product. The t.bone free solo PT 1.8 GHz is no exception. It is one of the best-selling wireless sets in the Thomann online shop.

"One instrument sound with everything without tangled cables, please!"

Whether in the rehearsal room or on stage: with the t.bone free solo PT 1.8 GHz pocket transmitter set, instrumentalists can easily get rid of annoying cable clutter. It doesn't matter whether it's on the waistband of the lead guitarist, on the guitar strap of the electric bass player or to transfer a microphone with a saxophone, here it is time to unpack and get started. The t.bone free solo PT 1.8 GHz also helps "stationary" instruments such as synthesizers and DJ sets to achieve a clearer setup with little effort. Keyboard players, DJs and solo entertainers also get reliable sound, without any tangled cables.

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