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Are you thinking of changing jobs? 3 tips

Day after day you work hard and dedicate yourself to something that may not come true for you - or worse, your dreams have not come true as you thought. Are you familiar with that? The good news is that there is a lot you can do to move yourself forward and become one Key point to find one that matches your desires. In any case, you should avoid one thing: namely to remain inactive.

Admittedly, having a glass of wine with a friend and raving about how much you don't like your job might feel good for the moment, but it won't make the problem go away. If you're thinking about changing jobs, we want you three tips to hand.

1. Perform a "self-audit"

Every beginning is difficult, of course. But like going to the gym, walking through the door is half the battle. The best way to start is brave microsteps to make that help you realize that there are more paths than you imagined. One of those micro-steps that you can easily take right away is a so-called self-auditwhere you ask yourself the following questions:

  • What works for you and what doesn't?
  • What would you do if you weren't afraid?
  • What are you good at And what do you like to do well?

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During your self-audit, move beyond your thoughts by paying attention to what is happening to you every day physically erect and supplied with energy. If there are certain people, tasks or topics that lift you up every day, then write all of this in a so-called "Happy diary" without limiting yourself to what happens in the workplace.

Action step: Schedule a fixed date for your self-audit. Set a date and time on your calendar when you will have time for both the answers to these questions and the list of happy moments you have been able to collect. During this time, start noticing anything noticeable. For example, do you feel joy when you talk to people who are solving a problem or doing a task?

2. Lean on the experience of others

Most people will over the course of their lives Change jobs 5-7 times, and with more than 12,000 career options available, there is no shortage of options or people to network with.

It's basically about narrowing down your options.

One of the best ways to make sure you're on the right track is to do this Seek conversation with peoplethat do exactly what you want yourself to do. These conversations are necessary because they get you out of the imagination and you get the Open your eyes to reality. But remember: the experience of a single person does not define the reality of an entire professional field. Gather enough feedback to make the right decisions.

Part of this trip means you can go anywhere, anytime more open to basic conversations is. For example, the next time you're in line at a coffee shop or grocery store, consider talking to the person next to you. People long for human affection, and when you are ready to give it to them, they will remember you. And you will probably manage what is often called a "Intentional magic" is called: the art of putting yourself in the foreground over and over again, only to suddenly achieve great results in your career. When it comes to careers, the gossip is lucky.

After all, you never know who you might meet on the street if you're not hiding behind a screen.

You have probably heard the saying, "I was in the right place at the right time". Well then start by to be there physically and emotionally.

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Action step: Start with "cold" networking. Register on LinkedIn and find around 10 professionals whose career path fascinates you. If possible, find their personal email and reach out to them for a call or a cup of coffee to learn more about them. This is the fastest way to get a clear picture of what your dream job actually looks like and whether it fits in with what you discovered about yourself during your self-audit.

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3. Build "Accountability"

Building a career and a life that gives you meaning and joy takes a start and support. Very few can only do it on their own. A job change rarely goes smoothly, and sooner or later you will wish Allies by your side to have.

According to studies, people are 65 percent more likely to achieve a goal after they have called on someone for support.

Action step: Find an accountability partner. Get in touch with him or her in some way and arrange regular meetings to review your professional change process. This could be a close friend, mentor, or professional coach.

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