What's so sweet about turning 16?

Shania turns 16: so sweetly congratulate Robert and Carmen Geiss

Sweet birthday greetings for Shania Geiss (16)! The youngest daughter of Robert (56) and Carmen Geiss (55) has experienced a lot in recent years: In addition to her successful career as a young influencer, the blonde now also works as a model. Now, between photo shoots and Insta advertising, something completely different was on the agenda: Shania's 16th birthday! And on this her parents congratulated her with touching words.

On his Instagram-Profile, Robert sent emotional lines to his daughter in the early morning. The entrepreneur wrote a little poem for a black and white photo of the 16-year-old: "Is my little one really that big already? I just wonder where the time is?" The native of Cologne ended his birthday post with an affectionate "I love you".

His wife copied him on her profile: "My daughter. I look at you and see my past, present and future!" She remembered how Shania would put on her clothes and make-up as a child, run around the garden and pick flowers. "No matter how old you are, you will always be my little girl. I am so proud of you!" Carmen wrote about a photo of her youngest.

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Really touching. She must have been happy about that!
It's a bit too cheesy for me ...

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