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The effect of Laif® 900 Balance

With the power of St. John's wort: Ingredients and mode of action of Laif® 900 Balance

The medicinally active ingredient in Laif 900 Balance is St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum), which Was voted Medicinal Plant of the Year in 2019.1 Rightly so, because St. John's wort has been known as a remedy for over 2000 years and is one of the best-studied medicinal plants of all. The high-dose St. John's wort preparation Laif 900 Balance contains 900 mg dry extract per tablet. The concentrated healing power of St. John's wort can not only help to alleviate symptoms of a depressive mood in the short term, but also remedy the neurobiological causes of the complaints in the long term.

As a result, Laif 900 Balance can naturally help

  • Joy of life and serenity
  • Ease and momentum
  • Drive for the finer things in life and
  • restful sleep

to bring back into your everyday life.

Messenger substances in balance with Laif® 900 Balance

To understand more precisely how the Laif 900 Balance works, it helps to take a look at how our sensations arise in the first place. Our feelings and sensations arise from complex processes in the brain. Take a key role in this Neurotransmitters like norepinephrine, serotonin (also called "happiness messenger") and dopamine. Neurotransmitters work like messengers that carry information from one nerve cell to another. These messenger substances have an important influence on our emotions, our drive and our sleep. If these messenger substances are in balance, we are fine: there is energy for the beautiful things in life, we feel serenity, joy of life and can sleep restfully.

Emotional stress causes the sophisticated balance of messenger substances in the brain (neurotransmitters) out of balance. The effect of Laif 900 Balance is based on restoring this disturbed balance of neurotransmitters: the herbal ingredient of Laif 900 Balance improves the availability of the messenger substances and thus contributes to normalizing the transmission of information between the nerve cells.

Laif® 900 Balance regulates the "stress hormone" cortisol

This plays a role alongside the messenger substance balance "Stress hormone" cortisol an important role in the creation of a mental depression. Basically, the body produces cortisol according to a rhythm that depends on the time of day. Since the hormone sets numerous metabolic processes in motion, most of the cortisol is released in the morning in order to prepare the body for the upcoming daily stress. During the day, the cortisol secretion usually decreases again, so that we can sleep restfully.

Chronic stress can now lead to a permanent increase in the release of cortisol. The body can suppress the release of the "stress hormone" no longer control the normal daily rhythmso that the cortisol level remains elevated well into the night. The result: Typical symptoms of a depressive mood such as inner restlessness or sleep disorders can arise.

St. John's wort, the ingredient in Laif 900 Balance, helps regulate the permanently increased cortisol secretion. As a result, Laif 900 Balance has a balancing effect on depressive moods and permanent tension.