How do I see blocked numbers

How to find out if someone is blocking your cell phone number

With iOS 7, Apple introduced the function to block callers - iOS 8 and 9 users can still use it. And they do it gladly and often. But how do you find out whether your own number has already landed on the blacklist of a contact? Fortunately, there are some clear signs of this, which we want to explain to you in this article: How your smartphone behaves when you try to call; what answer you get when you call; the number of dial tones you hear before answering your mailbox.

Has my number been blocked?

The honest answer is that there is no one hundred percent straightforward way to say that for sure; but if you pay attention to the signs of a ban, you will soon know where you are. The first sign of a blocked cell phone number is a changed call process. If you call a number that has blocked you, the person you are calling will ring exactly once. You will then receive a message that the number you dialed cannot be reached and that you should leave a message on the mailbox. In turn, the owner of the cell phone will never receive a notification that there is a message in their mailbox.

In the event of a single ring and the reference to the mailbox, however, do not be too quick to judge: The person you are calling does not necessarily have to have blocked you, he or she could switch off the mobile phone just at the moment of the call or set up automatic forwarding. You can easily find out whether this is the case if you call again from a different number or if you hide your call number (if you are using an iPhone yourself, open Settings> Phone> Show phone number and switch the function on out there).

What if I text someone who blocked me?

We tried it out and sent a text message to a number that blocked us. For us everything went completely normal: the text was sent and we did not receive any error messages. However, the recipient will never receive messages from a blocked number - nor will they be informed that there was a message.

How can I block a number myself (only iOS7, iOS8 or iOS9)?

As annoying as the function is for the blocked person, it is actually a very useful feature. Since iOS7 it has never been so easy to activate. All you need is a call from the person you want to block. It can also be further in the past. Open your call log and find the number you want to block. Then tap on the "i" symbol to the right of it and scroll down to the option "Block caller". Confirm your decision and you will not receive calls, text messages or Facetime from the blocked person in the future.

How do I block with an older iPhone that doesn't have iOS 7 installed?

If you cannot or cannot install iOS 7 on your iPhone, a little detour will help filter out annoying callers. Assign a new contact in your address book to a number that has bothered you and give it a unique name. Now you can assign him - or other annoying people - a special ringtone, such as simple silence. (Macworld)