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The 10 Best Ubuntu Themes (04/18 Bionic Beaver Linux)



Ubuntu 18.04 came out recently and it's a great time to give the new version a shot. Most Linux users want to make their computer their own, and there are tons of great options for customizing Ubuntu and any Linux distribution, including beautifully crafted GTK themes. With Ubuntu 18.04 using GNOME as its default desktop, it's easier than ever to find good-looking themes to spice up your desktop. These 10 topics are among the best right now.


Adapta Theme On Ubuntu 04/18
Adapta is more than just an issue. It's an all-styled suite that includes a theme, and matching icons and background images. Adapta has several variations, most of which are based on blue and green. Adapta is stylistically clean and flat. It's clearly based on Google's Material Design specs, and at times it can look like it's straight from the latest Android device.

Adapta theme

Arc Ambiance

Arc Ambiance Theme On Ubuntu 04/18
Arc is a very popular topic and has been around for a while. The original arc mostly uses shades of blue and looks great. However, if you want something that better matches the traditional Ubuntu color scheme, try Arc Ambiance. Arc Ambiance is Arc, recolored for Ubuntu only. If you want a theme with a more elegant look and feel, but you don't want to give up the Ubuntu style entirely, try Arc Ambiance.

Arc Ambiance theme


Numix Theme On Ubuntu 04/18
Numix is ​​Numix. If you haven't heard about it by now, you probably haven't paid any attention to the world of Linux customization. As of now, more people are using Numix's excellent icon theme, but the GTK theme still looks very nice. Numix is ​​based on oranges and grays, similar to Ubuntu. Combined with the popular icon theme, Numix can really transform your Ubuntu desktop without looking too strange.

Numix theme


Pop Theme On Ubuntu 04/18
System76 has been making Ubuntu-based PCs for years. In fact, they're probably the largest Linux-specific PC maker out there. Recently, System76 decided to give Ubuntu a try on its own and it Pop! Operating system. With pop! A whole new set of topics came up to make it stand out from the rest. This also includes icons and background images. The pop! The theme is very different, using browns and blues for most of its colors. If you want a unique look for your Ubuntu, give Pop! A try.

Pop theme

Arrongin / Telinkrin

Arrongin Theme On Ubuntu 04/18
The next entry in the list actually consists of two topics. They are Arrongin and Telinkrin and they are essentially the same theme in two different colors, orange and blue. Arrongin is a modern day theme that takes some bold steps to rearrange elements of windows and other desktop components, but in a convenient and intuitive way. That said, it's bright orange scheme is not suitable for everyone. On the other hand, that's why Telinkrin is there.

Arrongin / Telinkrin theme


Matcha Theme On Ubuntu 04/18
Do you want a cross between Adapta and Arc? This is matcha. It's a clean and simple material-based theme that mainly uses cool color palettes to create a unique and calm desktop. Matcha has several color options, including one with red accents, but lacks its own icon set. That's not a big deal, however, as it goes very well with several popular icon themes.

Matcha theme


Vimix Theme On Ubuntu 04/18
Vimix is ​​another material theme from the Matcha designer. Vimix takes a more colorful approach to the material. In fact, in its various flavors, Vimix offers a wide variety of color options. Like matcha, Vimix has no symbols in it, but it's hard not to find a symbol theme that looks great with the Vimix variant of your choice.

Vimix theme

Flat remix

Flat Remix Theme On Ubuntu 04/18
If you want something more minimal and flatter, Flat Remix is ​​the place for you. The design is similar to that of material, but without the three-dimensional depth. The overall picture is much cleaner. Flat Remix comes in different flavors based on different colors. A suitable symbol is also available.

Flat Remix Theme


Vertex Theme On Ubuntu 04/18
Vertex is another topic that has been around for a while. It has more of a classic desktop design aesthetic and is mostly based on neutral colors. Vertex isn't flashy and doesn't follow the latest design trends, but it does the job and can be customized with the right icons to look gorgeous.

Vertex theme


Materia Theme On Ubuntu 04/18
Yes, it's a different material issue. Materia, however, takes the material all the way. Everything in this topic uses material and uses it properly. This includes components like the lock screen that are often overlooked. Materia comes in a variety of color options and looks neat no matter which options you choose. Materia is a no-nonsense hardcore material option.

Materia theme

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Do you have any ideas There is a lot you can do with your Ubuntu desktop. Try different things. All of these topics are available for free, and many are even available through a PPA. Experiment, have fun, and make Ubuntu your own.

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