Will Solskjaer make Manchester United great again

ManUnited: Solskjaer explains statements about Europa League opponents Roma

After advancing in the quarter-finals against FC Granada, Solskjaer was asked about the semi-final opponent. The Norwegian said immediately after the final whistle that he had "not seen much" of the Roma. Statements that met with little approval in Rome. Roma fans brought up a poster at the training ground in Trigoria with Solskjaer's portrait and the quote "I don't know her and haven't seen her play", coupled with the request "Make sure he remembers us".

At his press conference before the game on Thursday (9 p.m., LIVE! At kicker), Solskjaer admitted that he could understand that the statements made by the opponent were disrespectful - but that was never his intention.

"That was right after the game, and after the games we'd had, I was just glad we were through. I'd seen them play, but probably not analyzed in enough depth to deserve respect." said Solskjaer: "It's a fantastic club with a great history."

From his time as a player he has "two valuable possessions", reported the United coach: "A Totti shirt and a De Rossi shirt that I swapped with them and they even signed. So I know their history and theirs Quality."

Last season, when Chris Smalling was still playing for the Giallorossi on loan from United, the Romans were still closely followed. After the firm commitment, not so extensively. Since the semifinals were decided, the opponent has been carefully analyzed. "It wasn't meant as disrespect. I think everyone knows that."

Manchester United last won the Europa League in 2017. Under Solskjaer, the record champions failed in various competitions in four semifinals. In the fifth attempt it should now work with the endgame. For him, a dream would come true if, after winning numerous professional titles with United, he also won a trophy as a coach, stressed Solskjaer. His last so far was the Norwegian Cup with Molde FK in 2013.