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Why Siemens is now working with Accenture

Industrial companies that are just getting started with data analytics usually need a corresponding strategy. Accenture consultant and book author Eric Schaeffer recommends clarifying as early as possible during their development which result should be achieved with the use of analysis methods. In his book "Industry X.0 - Use digital opportunities in industry" he describes these five:

More efficiency: Industrial analytics can, for example, support savings in the consumption of water, electricity or raw materials. Or they enable the productivity of manufacturing and logistics processes to be increased.

Targeted employee deployment: Analytics also unlock efficiency gains in the management of employees - and also increase operational reliability. Sensor and location data evaluations make it easier for employees to be brought to ice locations, orders or machines in need of repair. If such solutions are also linked to processes for system monitoring, they can also warn employees of machine failures and the escape of hazardous substances, safety risks.

Improved Products: Networked smart products with software and analytics services offer more utility than simple hardware. That's why customers pay more for it. Companies that add analytics features to their products can therefore generate higher sales. In addition, it is not uncommon for them to achieve stronger customer loyalty. And they get access to additional data and insights that enable them to make further product improvements.

Optimized portfolios: Analytics can of course also help to improve a company's entire portfolio: Findings about customer preferences and behavior as well as usage patterns make it easier to evaluate existing products and services and point out gaps in the previous offer.

Better customer experience: The evaluation of operating data can also open up completely different value contributions: Used as a basis for targeted improvements in customer experiences, they can significantly strengthen a company's market position - for example through targeted "over-the-air updates" of user interfaces.