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Exciting Kickstarter gadget is looking for supporters: “Snooperscope” turns your smartphone into a night vision device

Even if smartphones are becoming more and more powerful and the image quality of the photo optics is becoming significantly better, they almost always have to sweep the sails when taking pictures at night without additional light sources. The article "Snooperscope" is intended to remedy this.

Handy infrared camera

Like other night vision devices, the gadget is based on the detection of invisible infrared radiation. The special feature: with its 7.5 centimeters in length and around 4.5 centimeters in diameter, it is extremely compact. Using an integrated magnet, it can be easily attached to smartphones or tablets as long as there is metal involved. Since the Snooperscope has its own lithium-ion battery, it also works independently and does not suck the phone empty. It can also be used on helmets, bicycles or simply in the hand.

In order to be able to use the Snooperscope, however, an iOS or Android device is required, on which a free app must be installed. The data exchange takes place via WLAN. But before you sprint to the electronics retailer you trust: Snooperscope is still only available as a prototype. That's why the developers are currently looking for supporters on Kickstarter. If at least 40,000 British pounds (around 47,800 euros) are collected by December 25, the gadget will go into production. Currently almost half has been reached. According to current plans, public sales could start in June 2014. The price is said to be around $ 99.

Will there be a naked view mode?

To get interested people to donate, there are some promo videos that advertise the advantages of Snooperscope. There is talk of great animal observations at night. Or the fascinating realization that colors look different in the infrared world and that you can see through certain liquids and colors. Or through textiles.

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Moment: Looking through textiles? That will certainly make some sit up and take notice. So is Snooperscope the Gadget for tensioners? Maybe. Because there are already various infrared cameras that offer a special night vision mode for the "Nudie Cam Effect". However, one can confidently doubt that this will actually be integrated into Snooperscope. On the one hand, because the people on the promo videos cannot be seen through; on the other hand, the manufacturer certainly does not want to discredit his idea with a dirty image.

But I assume that resourceful hobbyists will wrest such a function from the gadget. After all, there are instructions in the vastness of the Internet on how to quickly and easily elicit a “see through clothes” mode from an infrared camera. Whether and how this could work with Snooperscope is unclear - and at least not important to me. I like the Kickstarter project simply because I finally want to use my smartphone to shoot night shots in the cool “Splinter Cell” green tint. And how about you guys?

Images: Snooperscope