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Translation of "bump someone" in German

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I can even bump someone off my next card.
Grandma, it doesn't seem fair to bump someone.
Well, tell 'em to bump someone, - 'cause we're come up either way.
He finally managed to bump someone from a church group ... and I've got my seat, and I'm leaving at 10:00.
They have someone kicked out of a church group, and now I'm leaving at 10.
We're still looking to bump someone from the OR to make a slot for Amy Johnson.
We are still trying one Convince the OR to squeeze Amy Johnson in.

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Never thought I'd bump into someone from that school here.
Don't forget to say 'sorry' if you accidentally bump into someone.
If someone bumps before then counted the coup as wrong.
If someone in front bumps then who counted the coup as wrong.
Unless of course someone else bumps her off.
To do this, at a certain point, you need someone to bump you out of your flock and into another flock.
To do this you need at some point someonewho will move you from your herd to another herd bumps.
If you're interrupted while you're going through the early ones - if someone bumps you in bed, or there's a sound, or whatever happens - you don't just pick up where you left off.
And if you are interrupted at an early stage - if one initiated hears a noise or something else happens - you don't just pick up where you left off.
The enclosed heating elements have got a stainless jacket, the box consists of galvanized steel sheet and, in addition, they are stove-enameled. They are stable and would not tilt over, if someone might bump
The high quality materials not only offer a big Operational and stability, but above all a long service life: The closed heating elements have a rustproof jacket; the housing is made of galvanized sheet steel and is also stove-enamelled.
I'll find someone to bump.
Bump in blood sugar might help you from punching someone.
Someone who can whisper in your ear who could warn you about governmental policies you might bump into.
Someonewho whispers in your ear and can point you out to government interests.
Bump any nonemergent patients, and find someone to scrub in with me.
With the sharp costume of a pit bump you are fit for the pit stop to get someone neatly on the gear.
With the sharp costume one Pit sluts are you ready for the pit stop someone to touch the gearbox properly.
With the removal of the bumps, men are relieved from the hysteria of having someone else know about their rash-like condition.
With the removal of the Bumps, men are out of hysteria with someone others to know about their rash like condition relieves.
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