How should I feed my dogs

When and how often should I feed my dog?

Your dog gobbles the food? Feeding twice is better

If your dog is one of the dodgers and empties its bowl in no time, it can also be advisable to feed twice. This puts less strain on the stomach and intestines.

Feed pregnant and lactating bitches twice a day

As the pregnancy progresses, pregnant bitches can no longer eat so much food at once, because their stomachs become more and more compressed. Therefore, feed pregnant bitches twice a day. After the birth, the bitch is physically very busy with suckling. She, too, should therefore be fed twice a day in order to maintain her strength.

Dogs that are physically performing should be fed twice

Dogs that have to perform a lot, such as sled dogs, should also be fed twice so that the energy supply is well distributed throughout the day. The dog can then regenerate from the exertion and remains in good condition.

It is better to feed very small dogs twice a day

Very small dog breeds such as Chihuahuas or Miniature Pinschers have a comparatively high energy requirement in relation to their size and should therefore be fed twice a day. In this way the dog can regenerate and stay active.