Why didn't Hans Zimmer win more Oscars?

Hans Zimmer turns 60: you have to know that about the master of film music

Birthday boy Hans Zimmer has become an indispensable part of the US blockbusters: a German who has established a permanent place in Hollywood - and who can certainly get plenty of congratulations today

If you realize that Hans Zimmer will be 60 years old on September 12th, it is astonishing. Because it feels like the film composer and music producer, who was born in Frankfurt am Main, has been setting music to the greatest films since the beginning of the blockbuster era. Well, at least half his life he has devoted to Hollywood and created soundtracks that everyone can hum along with without exception. And there is still no end in sight.

Professional start in England

Before Zimmer drove across the big pond, he first got hired in England when he was in his early 20s. There he mainly composed small advertising and radio jingles - greetings from Charlie Sheen's character Charlie Harper from "Two And A Half Men". It was only when he met the English film music composer Stanley Myers in 1980, became his assistant and was able to learn so much about the business, that Zimmer's later career path in Hollywood became apparent. And how: with one of his first major engagements, Zimmer immediately won a nomination for the Oscars. The flick was, by the way, the hit drama "Rain Man" with Tom Cruise (55) and Dustin Hoffman (80) ...

Prices don't lie

It was the first of a total of ten nominations for a golden boy to date. In addition, there have so far been twelve nominations for a Golden Globe and ten for the Grammy Awards. Not to mention countless gold and platinum albums with 19 million units sold worldwide. In 2010 he also received the 2,426th star on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame".

Although he has the Oscar so far only once won (for the soundtrack to Disney's "The Lion King"), but it's hard to imagine that no more will be added in the future.

His special style

Hans Zimmer's style set itself apart from that of his colleagues at an early stage. At the beginning of his career he combined synthesizer sounds with orchestral melodies. His invention of the "wall-to-wall" score, with which action films are literally accompanied by music from beginning to end, was completely new. In order to adapt his music perfectly to the respective setting of the strip, Zimmer also relies heavily on ethnic instruments that are largely unknown in the West.

First choice for Christopher Nolan

Already with the music to Ridley Scott's "Gladiator" he sniffed very strongly at the second Oscar success. Ever since Christopher Nolan (47) became aware of him, Hans Zimmer has been among the nominees almost every time the filmmaker has released a new film. Since "Batman Begins" Zimmer has been collaborating with Nolan, for "Inception" and "Interstellar" the Oscar nominations nine and ten have been added. And the eleventh shouldn't be long in coming - it goes without saying that Zimmer also took the score for Nolan's latest masterpiece "Dunkirk". The German master of film melodies should certainly have no objection to another golden boy as a belated birthday present.

"Hans Zimmer Live" in the cinema

If you want to find out more about Hans Zimmer's work, should make a note of October 1st. Then the concert recorded in Prague in June under the title "Hans Zimmer live" will be shown in over 275 cinemas. The music from over 20 films is presented.