How do I trade Bitcoins and Ethereum

Trading cryptocurrencies: How to buy and sell Ethereum, Bitcoin and Co.

Despite all fluctuations, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple are an increasingly popular investment, because classic interest on bank accounts has become rare. Driven by enormous price gains and enthusiastic supporters, a lot of private investors are also looking for their salvation in the new types of currencies. Especially since you can generate the units yourself for some of them. Trading is often more complex than with traditional investments, and there is a proliferation of platforms and trading options. It is not always easy to see which serious profits promise and which providers want to pull the investor over the table. The promise of return attracts investors who are otherwise less willing to take risks, which not only creates opportunities for rip-offs and opaque products, but also for potentially costly mistakes. You usually have to pay for the consequences yourself, there is no safety net.

No matter whether you are still mining blockchain money like Ethereum yourself or want to buy bitcoins on the crypto exchange, whether you view the currencies as an investment or play money: In this article we want to show some ways how you can trade crypto currencies, how you can compare them just invest in them and how to avoid mistakes.

We take a closer look at two scenarios in particular: On the one hand, how to convert your calculated and existing cryptocoins to euros and, on the other hand, how to invest euros in cryptocurrencies. What sounds like two sides of the same business can be approached very differently in practice. Among other things, the procedure depends on whether you only want to use cryptocurrencies as the simplest possible investment, whether you also want to use the crypto money as a means of payment and how much value is to you, for example, the independent access to your stocks, regardless of a specific provider.