What should every woman know about herself

40 things every woman should know about love

Who doesn't love love It's one of the best, purest emotions out there. However, it is also the source for the creation of dramas ...

We all love love and we build our lives around it. But most of the time we lose sight of what love really is. We forget who we are and too often and unnecessarily sacrifice our dignity and self-respect in order to hold onto them.

Love is mutual give and take. She is the light that leads you home across the ocean. It's never perfect, but it's always good and forgiving. Love doesn't play with you, it lets you see things for what they actually are.

Most of us have a hard time grasping the rules of love and learning to distinguish the real from the games. And in the end you will come to the following conclusions:

1. When it comes to men, act like the buyer, not the seller.

2. Men are not women. They don't want to be with you "Destiny is a lousy traitor" see.

3. The hottest guy in the room is usually a loser.

4. Hold on to your girlfriends. They will fill you in ways that a man cannot.

5. Grumbling and nagging do not help. The only thing that really gets a man's attention is to leave.

6. In a negotiation, you will likely get away with the minimum that you are willing to accept. This also applies to men. So: Have high standards and stick to them.

7. A man in love will do anything for you ... until he realizes he has you. So when you indulge in him, try to hold back a little to keep him busy.

8. Sedentary life rarely works. It's like buying on credit - at some point you have to pay. Be picky.

9. You don't need to know how to cook, but most men will appreciate it if you do.

10. There are some fantastic men out there, but whether one of them becomes your boyfriend or your husband depends a lot on how much you respect yourself.

11. Men want to be successful at work and in their relationships. If you want to make him happy, show him that he managed to make you happy. (Conversely, complain all the time and he will associate you with failure.)

12. Don't let yourself be influenced by how good a guy looks "on paper". His résumé might make him seem like a catch, but he might just be an idiot walking around in a catch's clothes.

13. Men will always look at attractive women, even when they are in love. It's not necessarily a bad thing. The good guys do it in a way that isn't obvious.

14. If a guy isn't into you, don't doubt yourself - doubt him.

15. Your physical appearance is not the most attractive part of you. The appearance fades, the charm is forever.

16. Sex - and life, in fact - is most fun when you are comfortable with yourself. If you are uncomfortable with yourself, make that a priority.

17. Don't pretend you're hard to come by. Be hard to have.

18. If you spend hours talking to your girlfriends on the phone to analyze a man's behavior, he is not the right person.

19. Don't be overly nice when it comes to men. A woman who is too nice is a turn off.

20. If he doesn't chase you at the beginning, he'll let you down in the end.

21. It is better to be alone than in a bad relationship. Know when to leave and don't look back.

22. Romantic comedies are to women what watching sex online is to men: fantasy. Men in real life don't act like heroes Ryan Gosling portrays on screen.

23. Throw away your checklist. Love is an adventure - it is best experienced without a card.

24. Sex gets better every year. So do we, in all the areas that are really important.

25. You will get over your ex. The moment of full recovery - when you can't believe that you messed with him in the first place - is liberating. Don't get in the way by texting him, meeting him up, or sleeping with him.

26. Never vie for a man with another woman. It is below your dignity.

27. Texting can get you in trouble. Don't be hasty. Think before you send.

28. Never base your life on a man. No matter how much he wants you around, keep some independence. Your relationship will be better off and last longer.

29. It is not your place to prove yourself to a man. He should try to prove himself to you.

30. You are not a bomb. Stop worrying about your clock ticking.

31. Today you are the youngest you will ever be. Live it out.

32. When a woman is flirting, it should be clear but unobtrusive.

33. A man has to run after you and win you over to appreciate you. Don't ruin it by giving it up too easily. Indeed, make it the hunt of his life and he might just become the love of your life.

34. It doesn't matter that you don't look like a model. But it matters when you get too busy. Nothing is sexier than a confident, confident woman.

35. If you feel like you need to check his cell phone, it's over.

36. Nice guys will always look better as you get older.

37. If you've never had an orgasm, you haven't lived. Work on it.

38. Never curse your intelligence, even if it feels like it complicates your love life. Being smart is priceless and will ultimately serve you well in both life and love.

39. A man who wants you will make it known.

40. Who he is at the beginning is probably the best he will ever be. If he doesn't do his best at the beginning of the relationship, run away.