Which is more useful Quora or Facebook

Reputation Marketing: New Opportunities with Quora

As usual with social platforms, little works with Quora without registration. Quora founder Adam D’Angelos was previously Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Facebook and has set himself the goal of making knowledge globally accessible. Above all, the quality of the content is particularly important to him.

A mix of Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia

To do this, Quora combines properties of other social platforms. The start page is similar to that of Facebook, the follower principle is similar to that of Twitter, except that you can follow topics, questions, salons and people here. And although Quora, unlike Wikipedia, does not want to be a collection of facts but a primary source, there are similarities here too. As with Wikipedia, users should keep the site high quality by changing and adding keywords and questions, as well as rating answers. However, it is not a non-profit platform such as Wikipedia. The business model is more like that of Facebook: advertising space is sold to advertisers using tailored target groups. However, there should be no advertising for the German version during the first few years.

Artificial intelligence plays a central role

The quality of the content should be checked by checking questions and answers for their usefulness and value. For the evaluation, information such as the place of residence or the educational qualification of a respondent in his specialist area as well as evaluations by other users are included. Each user can rate answers, but the assessments of experts in the respective field are more taken into account. If the ratings are poor, the answers will be checked again. Artificial intelligence plays a central role in this.

In Germany, Quora is still in the beta phase

Machine learning enables the questions to be distributed to people who can provide high-quality and useful answers based on their expertise and experience. Based on your own user behavior, the stated interests, subscriptions and the ratings of other users, questions on specific topics are displayed in the feed. You can also have the latest questions sent to you by e-mail or integrate it into an RSS reader. Questions are ultimately small blog entries. They are provided with keywords and assigned to topics. A salon is a topic board on which the user can upload links and tags as well as their own content and give other users access. The fact that Quora in German is at least partially still in the beta phase can be seen, for example, in the creation of salons. So far, only selected authors have been released for the function. However, anyone interested can apply, stating their reasons.

Representing, interacting and networking

The answers should in principle remain free of advertising. Nevertheless, the founder also considers Quora to be a potential marketing tool. For example, for demonstrating competencies in the relevant subject. On Quora you meet people with the same and specific interests and expertise, so that the platform can also be helpful as a recruiting tool or to attract investors. Quora can therefore be used as an active user in combination with a meaningful profile and, if necessary, topic-specific salons for experts and companies for representation purposes.

The profile: Everything starts with a meaningful profile. Information about qualifications, training, place of residence and other expertise can be given here. At this point, a parallel to other professional networks can certainly be seen. Accordingly, a consistent picture of profile information, questions and answers as well as salon content is an important part of the representation.

Questions, answers and salons

Whether industry-specific, product or brand-related topics, everyone has their own expertise and can prove it here. Perhaps there is already a question about a product of your company or a question for which you can offer exactly the right answer. How high the question is at the moment can be seen, for example, from the number of followers. If a satisfactory answer has not yet been given, it may be worthwhile to go into it. Interacting with topics, users and salons does not only make sense for reasons of information gathering, but at one point or another may also have a conversion in hand. When answering a question, links and tags can be shared to help. This can help in promoting your own services and products. However, the quality of the content of the answers and questions should not suffer from the idea of ​​a doctorate.

Learn, Follow and Connect

In addition to representational purposes, marketers can also use Quora to obtain targeted information. A user can gain insights into a specific industry or a target market by following the relevant topics and users. By asking specific questions, for example, valuable information about a customer segment can be collected. Questions can also be sent to specific people to answer. Of course, the person doesn't have to answer the question. However, this will allow more attention to be drawn to the question.


After studying marketing, Maria gained practical experience in a digital agency and now supports various projects in this field on a freelance basis. At the moment she is increasingly concerned with sustainability marketing and management.