What's good about Undertale game


Game description:
"Long ago, two races ruled over the Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS. One day, was broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell. "
At the beginning of the game, a child named Frisk falls underground and wakes up on a bed of flowers, starting the adventurous journey through the world of monsters. Whether the child is a boy or a girl is not defined, the players can form their own picture in order to enable identification. The main focus is on the decision whether the players want to help the monsters with their problems in order to make friends with them, or simply kill them for experience points. With the help of the arrow keys, Frisk is steered through the lovingly designed retro world. The monsters that Frisk encounters could not be more unique and different and accompany the child on his way back to the surface. However, monsters, puzzles and dangers get in the way on the journey. In our test run we made friends with the monsters, but you can also make a completely different decision. How the goal is achieved is up to the players.

Pedagogical assessment:
Control for everyone
has a very beginner-friendly and easy control. You move with the arrow keys, open the menu with C, come back with X and interact with Z. No other keys are necessary. For those who prefer to play with a controller, there is also the option of using it. It is a pity, however, that the keys are fixed so that you cannot simply change them on the keyboard. It can take some getting used to, especially for players who are used to WASD controls. The game controls are well implemented, however, so that this small point of criticism was hardly noticed in the test or was quickly forgotten.

New game - old graphics
Our game testers were of the opinion that this game could also have appeared on a Nintendo Entertainment System from the 1980s. But in reality it was Undertale First published in 2015. Such an opinion is formed by the graphics, which are very reminiscent of old retro times and pixel graphics. The feeling of nostalgia, paired with fine detail work, creates a wonderful atmosphere that expresses the game happening again in a special way. In the end it is of course a matter of taste whether you really like graphics like this. But you can still see how much love the animations were designed with.

Simple and yet unique - the combat system
At first glance, the turn-based combat system seems far too simple to be particularly strategic or tactical. At the beginning, Flowey the flower roughly explains how the individual fights take place and what needs to be observed. Afterwards, the players are gradually introduced to further details on the combat system within the game. So the potential of the possibilities in combat only becomes clear in the course of the adventure, which is implemented in a creative way and maybe looks monotonous, but never gets boring.

Variety of colorful characters
To list all the characters and their special features would go beyond the scope of this assessment, and that alone says a lot. We have seldom seen a game that contains such versatile and distinctive characters that you simply won't forget. Throughout the entire adventure, they run into Frisk's path and sweeten or complicate the way out to the surface.

The music is a dream!
Our testers agreed: They have never played a game in which the melodies are so memorable. And the music actually spreads a mood that is second to none. Very nicely matched to the current fight or area, it increases the game action immensely and provides a certain catchy tune factor.

Emotions are everything - the story
Next to the music, the story is probably the game's greatest strength. However, players should engage with this to understand the great story behind this minimalist style. The testers were at least on fire. The urge to want to know what happens next is very high thanks to a well-designed tension curve and the characters give what they need to get everything out of the story. From joke to tragedy, all facets are represented and by breaking the 4th wall (for example when the players are addressed directly) the players are also integrated into the event, so that the feeling of involvement and identification is reinforced.

First of all, it is important to mention that there are many ways Undertale complete. So far we have explored one of these paths and can therefore speak for this one, very large part.Undertale inspires with unique characters, enchanting music and an emotionally very demanding story. But it comes in a retro look, which is a matter of taste. We therefore recommend the game to those who focus on the content and for whom realistic HD graphics are not so important. Because that is precisely what provides that last special spark of charm. It is also important to mention that the entire game only contains English subtitles, but patches for German subtitles can also be found on the Internet.

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