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Jeans: This model from Levi‘s is perfect for short women

It is one of our absolute favorites in the wardrobe, we have it in all shapes and colors and can hardly imagine a life without it: jeans. The tough all-rounder makes every look more casual, more comfortable and more suitable for everyday use. Since the 80s we have been combining them into a wide variety of fashion pieces and using them to reinvent looks every year. And yet it is probably the piece of clothing that can annoy us the most when we buy it. Here the button does not close, it presses in the crotch and the legs are too tight there. The perfect pair of jeans is hard to find and when we do, we wear them up and down until there is hardly anything left. Especially ladies who do not have the standard measurements have to struggle a lot when buying jeans, including small women. If the waistband fits perfectly, if the legs are too long, if the legs are the ideal length, the button does not close. It is to be crazy! A model from Levi's should now remedy this. ✨

These Levi's jeans are perfect for short women

If we are looking for jeans, a fashion brand first comes to mind: Levi's - the mother of all jeans. The inventor of the fashion pieces initially designed the pants for underground workers. A distinguishing feature are the reinforcing rivets on the seams of the trouser pockets. Since the workers mostly carried heavy tools with them, the bags had to be particularly stable. Today we are happy about the details that give Levi's jeans their special look. Nevertheless, we often find it difficult to choose the right model. On the one hand, the selection is huge, on the other hand, the perfectly fitting jeans are a real stroke of luck. V.Especially short women often have problems choosing the right pants. At Levi's, however, we have now come across a model that looks particularly good on small women and fits them like a glove: the innovation super skinny jeans. 😍

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Little women need to be extra careful which model of jeans they choose. At best, the pants should be cut a little higher to visually lengthen the legs. Tight pieces also make you appear slimmer and taller. The innovation Super Skinny Jeans by Levi's are figure-hugging and have a higher waistband, which makes them perfect for short women. The stylish piece is available in a wide variety of colors and can be combined in a variety of ways. Skinny jeans are an absolute basic and look casual with heels, blazers and blouses, but also create a cool look with sneakers, shirts and leather jackets. Small women should combine their super skinny jeans by Levi’s with shoes that not only make them appear bigger, but also optically. Models with a plateau are ideally suited for this. At best, you can also style your outfit with slim-fitting tops. Oversized pieces swallow the figure and make you appear even smaller than you actually are. You can buy Levi's skinny jeans for around 78 euros on Amazon. 🛍

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