The RMS voltage is just a theoretical concept

Theoretical electrical engineering

About the authors

Wolfgang Mathis

After training as a radio and television technician, studied physics; 1984 doctorate; 1988 Habilitation and private lecturer "Network Theory and Computer-Aided Circuit Design", TU Braunschweig; 1990 Professorship for "Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Computer-Aided Circuit Design", University of Wuppertal; 1996 Professorship "Electronic Circuit Technology", University of Magdeburg; Since 2000 professor for "Theoretical Electrical Engineering", University of Hanover. IEEE Fellow "Contributions to Nonlinear Network Theory"; More than 210 conference contributions and journal publications as well as several books and book contributions in the fields of linear and nonlinear network and system theory, computer-aided circuit design, numerical methods, nano and quantum engineering, field simulation and the history of natural sciences and technology.


Albrecht Reibiger

1957-1963 study of electrical engineering, 1968 doctorate to Dr.-Ing., 1971 faculty docendi (teaching qualification for universities) and doctorate to Dr. 1974 lecturer for systems theory and from 1992 professor for "theoretical electrical engineering" at the TU Dresden; Industrial activities in the field of carrier frequency technology and microelectronics; More than 60 conference contributions, journal publications and book contributions on the fundamentals of network theory, the computer-aided analysis of linear and nonlinear networks, the theory of algebrodifferential equations, electrodynamics and the theory of transmission lines.

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