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Good business ideas on the internet

Since the introduction of the Internet, many good business ideas from start-ups have been implemented in a variety of ways in the WorldWideWeb. Business ideas on the Internet or online Business ideas can be implemented, among other things, in the form of service websites, information websites or sales websites. The possibilities for business ideas on the Internet are almost inexhaustible. Business ideas on the Internet can also be marketed well and usually require less start-up capital than, for example, starting a business in the form of a shop.

Below are some great business ideas on the internet. In the GründerDaily from Für-Grü we also present these business ideas to you in detail on the Internet. Take advantage of these good business ideas on the Internet and let yourself be inspired to start your own business.

  • allmytea
    As a gift or for their own enjoyment, allen customers can use the business idea to put together their own tea creations on the Internet.
  • Apps for founders
    Cofounderly and FounderDating are two business ideas on the Internet that use an app to bring founders into contact virtually who are interested in starting a business together.
    Are you looking for a babysitter, dog sitter, domestic help or care for your grandmother? is one of the business ideas on the Internet and offers an online brokerage service that customers can use to find suitable support.
  • Clicks4Charity
    Customers buy via the portal of the Clicks4Charity business idea from well-known service providers in the online industry and at the same time donate to selected aid projects. Clicks4Charity is also one of the business ideas on the Internet.
  • Communities to borrow and swap, and are three different business ideas on the Internet, whose members collect, share, swap or lend things in the form of a community.
  • Crowdfunding in a niche
    Partyfux, friendfund and betterplace are three crowd funding platforms that provide the new financing instrument for certain niches. Creative people can use it to finance projects quickly and easily.
  • DealNavigator
    The DealNavigator business idea brings order into the jungle of offers with the help of a graphical overview of current deals on German deal platforms. DealNavigator is one of the most innovative business ideas on the internet.
  • fotovio
    fotovio is another business idea on the Internet that enables postcards to be sent as videos in the form of an app. Read more about the business idea behind the postcard of tomorrow.
  • frinXX
    With frinXX, a business idea on the Internet, digital drinks can be dispensed in selected bars, cafes and clubs
  • Glovico
    The Glovico business idea offers an online language school. Native speakers from developing countries give language students from Europe fair, traded language lessons via Skype. This business idea on the Internet therefore belongs to the area of ​​social entrepreneurship.
  • GoButler
    Order a vacation trip with a single SMS? The new business idea of ​​the online butler should make it possible - and in some cases even completely free of charge for the client.
  • Groupon
    Groupon is a business idea from America that has already been successfully implemented in Germany. Groupon is a large online marketplace on which offers, so-called deals, are placed between companies and customers.
  • hello handmade
    hello handmade is a platform that represents a network for handmade, independent design by creative freelancers. hello handmade is one of the business ideas on the Internet.
  • Individual travel, and are international business ideas on the Internet that offer different contributions for individual travel.
  • CORE energy
    KERNenergie is a business idea on the Internet that offers its customers the opportunity to put together individual snack mixes.
  • Delivery hero
    Customers can order all kinds of food quickly and easily via the Internet platform of the Lieferheld business idea. The business idea is very successful and has already expanded to other countries such as Australia and Russia.
  • lingoking
    For private individuals or companies, the business idea is conveyed on the Internet via the lingoking platform to telephone interpreters for short-term or long-term translation work.
  • Loffles
    Loffles is a business idea from America that offers companies an innovative marketing tool on the one hand and private customers the chance of a lucrative profit on the other.
  • Marbles
    The special thing about the online shop Marbles is that the business idea from America specializes solely in the sale of brain training games and programs. This makes Marbles another business idea on the Internet.
  • Momox
    The Momox business idea is an online buying service for CDs, DVDs and computer games, among other things, and comes from founder Christian Wegner. This makes Momox one of the business ideas on the Internet.
  • My coffee
    Via the MeinKaffee website, a business idea on the Internet, customers can put together their own coffee creation and design the packaging themselves.
  • My game
    Via the Mein Spiel website, customers can design individual games such as memories, puzzles or playing cards with their own pictures and text.
  • My pocket calendar
    The business idea My Pocket Calendar enables your customers to design and structure their individual pocket calendar according to their preferences.
  • My video
    Mein Viedo is a business idea on the Internet and a video community where members can share personal videos, commercials, funny videos and much more with each other.
  • Mobile ideas for setting up a business
    DeinBus, Autonetzer and PocketTaxi are three business ideas on the Internet that make it easier for commuters and other travelers to organize themselves online as car pools or mobile partners.
  • MyFlair and My Möbel
    The two business ideas on the Internet, MyFlair and My Möbel, offer their customers the ability to plan and implement individual living via the Internet.
  • Mymuesli
    Customers can use the Mymuesli business idea platform to put together individual muesli creations and order them quickly and conveniently online.
  • MyParfuem and MyCreme
    MyParfuem and MyCreme are two business ideas on the Internet that customers can use to find their individual fragrance or unique skin care cream and order it conveniently online.
  • Mysaftbar
    On the website of the business idea Mysaftbar, everyone can mix their own individual fruit juice from a wide range of fruit flavors.
  • My Social Petwork
    My Social Petwork is an internet business idea that offers a social network for pets and their owners.
  • Online trade meets retail
    Online shopping is possible from home and offers worldwide access to products. Shopping in the store can be accompanied by personal advice and taken away immediately. So there is actually no clear winner. How good that more and more start-ups are recognizing this and turning the two worlds into their business idea.
  • Organic trade exchange
    The platform is Dr. Martin Timmermann. This idea of ​​self-employment represents a trading space for the organic farming market. Organic trade exchange is another business idea on the Internet.
  • Ovia
    The American business idea Ovia tries to simplify recruiting by offering a platform on the Internet on which companies can organize job interviews and selection processes via video.
  • Finding a parking space via the app
    ampido, ParkTAG and SchlauerParken - three start-ups from Germany who have one goal in common. You want to eliminate the parking problem in major German cities. On their way there they go very different ways.
  • Pockets United
    The idea for setting up Pockets United came from the two founders, Markus Stiefel and Michael Dürgner. This business idea on the Internet provided a platform for joint payment.
  • Rent-a-guide
    On the platform of the business idea Rent-a-guide, German-speaking, individual tours, excursions, walking tours and guided tours can be booked in over 45 countries.
    Parents can use the platform to find the right school for their children nearby. With a clear presentation of the offer and a rating system, represents an innovative business idea on the Internet.
  • Taxi apps in comparison
    In addition to the taxi app pioneer MyTaxi, numerous other apps are currently being developed, such as BetterTaxi, or, which are intended as a business idea to simplify the search for a taxi on the Internet.
  • Wedding mapper is an Internet portal from America that offers many useful tools for stress-free wedding planning and enables couples to involve guests directly in the planning.
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