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Paleo diet How well does Paleo work in everyday life?

Some fitness gurus swear by it, and in recent years a fat boom has developed around it and from it: Paleo or Stone Age nutrition. The principle: do not eat any food made from grain - i.e. no bread, pasta or other durum wheat products. Dairy products, sugar and alcohol are also taboo. Instead, there are only vegetables, nuts, fruits, healthy fats as well as meat and fish. Why not?! The basis sounds like eating healthy. Of course, there is nothing wrong with going without processed foods. But is the low-carbohydrate original food really suitable for everyday use? How easy is it to cover almost half of your calories with meat and fish every day? Where and what can you still eat? Our social media editor Benedikt tested that ...

Diary: My Paleo Week

The strict guidelines make it difficult for me: I have to invest a lot of time in pre-cooking, eating out becomes difficult. Particularly hard: (not) a birthday cake

Day 1: Bread and dairy products are not allowed - so for breakfast there is a self-roasted muesli made from nuts, kernels and dried fruits, with almond milk of course. This should also be made yourself, but with a growling stomach it takes too long ... What about coffee? Since coffee is made from the seeds of the fruit, it is accepted as a paleo food. Lucky! First impression: positive. It can carry on like this!

Day 2: Standing in the kitchen every morning and every evening and cooking? The enthusiasm for pre-cooking still lingers. Let's see how much longer. After the muesli breakfast, I prepare my lunch: Oven omelette wrap with salmon, bell pepper and spring onions. But today there is also a tough test waiting for me: a colleague's birthday cake!

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Day 3: After two days of muesli, today we have scrambled eggs with bacon. As always delicious. However, I also realize that I've eaten ten eggs in the past two days. And yet I somehow have a permanent feeling of hunger. Is it going to go on like this now? The visit to the Italian clearly shows me the limits of the paleo diet: The choice is drastically reduced, and my salad with grilled chicken breast and (of course) without salad dressing is no fun in the kitchen.

Day 4: The change in the daily routine is slowly becoming noticeable. The time to prepare and follow up the daily meals takes up a considerable part of the free time and has to be planned well. And the lack of wheat beer when watching football in the evening makes you really aware of your own habits ...

Day 5: Armed with loads of fruit and nuts, I set off for a long drive. That is better, because I find that a supply of paleo food at a rest stop is impossible. Undisciplined and workaholics should definitely look for a different diet.

My conclusion: The week has already put me to the test. After five days I have almost two kilos less on the scales - and that was actually not what I wanted. Without pre-cooking, Paleo can hardly be implemented in everyday office life, it is also relatively expensive and can quickly become a bit monotonous in the long run. In any case, I haven't been looking forward to a cold beer and breakfast with white coffee and fresh rolls for a long time ...


* not suitable for the office, ** difficult, *** feasible, **** easy to integrate, ***** perfect for the job