What sounds do spiders make?

Goose bumps! These are the noises made by tarantulas when they run


We didn't even know that tarantulas make noises when they walk ...

Do you fancy goosebumps? For a cold shower that runs down your spine? For the ultimate thrill? Forget horror films! Just listen to this spider run!

I already know what I'll dream about tonight! In my dream I will sit in a dark basement room and hear nothing but this noise. The sound that Zilla tarantula makes while walking across the carpet in the video below.

After all, I can now prepare myself internally to wake up tonight screaming and drenched in sweat ...

I think the sound that giant tarantula Zilla makes in the video, is simply a good combination of sufficient rest in the room, carpeting and ... Warning ... because their fangs and pedipalp ("transformed extremity in the head area of ​​the animals") rub against each other. Uuuuuaaaahahahaaaaahaaaaa ... At least that's how spider lovers explain it in the comments below the video.

To fully enjoy the spider's running noises, skip the first minute of the video and click right in at 1:22. There she starts ... and I'm crawling now ...

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