What is the USP of Microsoft Azure

Analyzer® on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Contech Software & Engineering GmbH has been part of the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AppSource since July 2019.


These platforms provide access to information about solutions and services made available by Microsoft & partners so that customers can discover, try out and buy software solutions. With the Analyzer® we are listed as an application for the manufacturing industry in the areas of artificial intelligence and productivity.

Do your manufacturing or development team also face these challenges?

  • Increased costs for errors, rework and warranty
  • Errors in development, start of series production and production are not detected (quickly enough)
  • Costly production stops & non-transparent company knowledge
  • Causes for error and warranty risks are not recognized, measures are ineffective
  • Reject leads to an increased consumption of resources, materials and energy
  • Manufacturing costs are too high for competitiveness


The Analyzer® is a fully automated AI software and solves these challenges. It ensures fault-free, robust products and stable processes and is used across industries for development, production and assembly.

As digital production assistant The Analyzer® recognizes the error patterns fully automatically, such as the screwdriver slipping during a screw connection, and automatically forwards the causes and recommendations for action to remedy the error to the employee within seconds. In this way, your employees can initiate targeted measures instead of having to stop production. This permanently reduces scrap, error and rework costs, as well as warranty risks.

In addition, that covers Predictive Analytics & Maintenance Tool des Analyzer® identifies the causes of your quality and cost problems by analyzing unknown causal relationships and their interactions within components, assemblies and manufacturing processes. The prediction models determined are now used to regulate and control the product and process parameters and for statistical process control for sustainable quality and cost reduction.



  • Globally patented AI algorithm for error pattern recognition
  • Automated modeling and sampling -> no data analyst / scientist required
  • Single values ​​AND curve progressions can be processed as influencing variables for multiple forecast models


Are you facing any of these challenges?
Find out more about the options for tackling your challenges in a targeted manner in our free webinar.
In addition, we also offer the free option of determining the first unknown mechanisms of action and relevant influencing factors for your products and processes. Simply request a free trial run.