What is a green funeral

Burial on the green meadow including fees

Inexpensive, close to nature and possible in various cemeteries throughout Germany - the meadow burial. A green meadow serves as the final resting place here. There the urn is buried in silence. And there are no costs for the later care of the grave.

Meadow burials at a fixed price are possible at these cemeteries: Dachsenhausen, Neidenbach, Mittelreidenbach, Horrweiler and Zell (Moselle) in Rhineland-Palatinate, Bad M√ľnstereifel in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bad Feilnbach in Bavaria and Wingst-Geestberg in Lower Saxony. You can find out more about the location of the individual cemeteries here.

Meadow burial at a fixed price of EUR 1,399 including VAT.

+++ Hire Ferdinand Fair and pay the funeral costs in up to 48 low monthly installments. Social burials are also possible. More information on funeral financing and social burial +++

The complete offer includes all services necessary for a funeral including a pine coffin, collection and cremation as well as the Grave and burial fees of the chosen cemetery included.

The individual components of the offer:

  • Nationwide collection and care of the deceased
  • Solid pine coffin (stained)
  • Death robe
  • Coffin interior fittings (including blanket and pillow)
  • Pallbearers
  • Administrative formalities (hospital, registry office, registration office)
  • Cooling from collection
  • Transfer to the crematorium
  • 2. Investigation by a medical officer
  • Crematorium fees
  • 1 death certificate for the client
  • Burial of the ash capsule without relatives / with relatives possible for a surcharge
  • all costs and fees of the cemetery
  • Confirmation of burial

Note: The costs of the death certificate, any cooling costs before collection as well as due municipal fees, e.g. for funeral permits, we will pay for you and pass them on 1: 1. Experience has shown that these costs amount to a maximum of EUR 50.00 - 150.00.

If you Ferdinand Fair want to hire, you can fill out the online order (link to the order). Incidentally, it is also possible to commission before the emergency has occurred. Later, a quick call from you is enough and we can start to carry out our services.