What is it like to own a Mercedes

Up to seven profiles can be created in the vehicle via the multimedia system.

Profiles save your personal vehicle settings and settings of the multimedia system.

If the vehicle is used by several drivers, the driver can select his profile before driving without changing the settings of other drivers.

You can choose the profile:
  • more when boarding

  • via the homescreen more

The profile settings are activated immediately after selecting a profile.

When you access your profile, the driver's seat and exterior mirrors can be adjusted.

If you call up your profile while driving, the driver's seat will not be adjusted.

Cancel the setting process by doing the following:
  • The seat and steering wheel are positioned in response to the warning message. Please tap to cancel. Tap in the media display.

  • Press one of the seat control buttons in the driver's door.

Depending on the vehicle equipment, z. B. The following settings are saved in your profile:
  • Driver seat and mirror adjustments

  • Driver seat memory

  • Radio (including station list)

  • final goals

  • Air conditioning

  • Ambient lighting

  • DYNAMIC SELECT I (Individual)

  • Instrument display, heads-up display and style (display style of the multimedia system)

  • Themed worlds, suggestions and favorites

Settings for driver assistance systems cannot be saved in the profile.

Mercedes me connect profiles
If you use a profile from Mercedes me connect, z. B. the following online functions are available:
  • You can configure the settings in the vehicle via the Mercedes me app and the Mercedes me portal.

  • You can synchronize your profile on Mercedes me connect with the profiles in the vehicle more.

  • You can add a personal profile photo that will be displayed in the vehicle.

  • You can take your profile and some of your settings with you into new vehicles.

Requirements for using Mercedes me connect profiles
  • You have a Mercedes me user account.

  • The vehicle has been linked to the user account.

  • The personalization service is activated.

For other vehicle users:
  • You have a Mercedes me user account.

  • The vehicle owner has invited you to link your user account on Mercedes me with that of his vehicle.

  • You have accepted the invitation.