What is a web client

Interaction between Windows and web clients

Backend connectivity of the Windows client

Since version 5 of Zeta Test Management, part of the program functionality has been outsourced to the web server.

The reason for this is that the Windows client is relieved and works faster, as well as potentially requiring a lower database connection (bandwidth, latency).

You configure per Windows client (i.e. Not per project) the connectivity to the web server, in the program options:

  • The URL to the web server
  • The API key for communicating with the web server

In order for Zeta Test Management to continue to function without an installed web server, a local web server (IIS Express) is automatically started ad-hoc when the Windows client starts the program, unless a central web server is configured in the program options.

Alternative configuration options

In addition to the program options, you can also store the URL and the API key for communication with the web server in the following ways:

About the Command line at program start:

  • Parameter "" to specify the server URL.
  • Parameter "" to specify the API key.

This could then e.g. B. look like this:

zetatest.exe BackendServerUrl = "http://example.org" BackendServerApiKey = "ebb1ed1fa6f942d7a981692d89d5d088"

Or about one Configuration file "config.json" in the Zeta Test Management program folder:

{"settings": [{"name": "BackendServerUrl", "value": "http://example.org"}, {"name": "BackendServerApiKey", "value": "ebb1ed1fa6f942d7a981692d89d5d088"}]}

You can find more information about Windows client-server communication in the section "Configuring the web server".