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10 signs he didn't care!

1. He's starting to compare you

You're lying relaxed in bed and lately he's been saying things like: "My ex-girlfriend always did this and that for me or my friends' girlfriends do this and that ... " Not a good sign, he starts after mistakes and to look for something "better".

2. You are no longer a team

Your friend is becoming increasingly selfish, you only do what he wants in your free time, watch films he wants to see or only meet when he "wants"? Here you should really think about whether he still cares what your desires are.

3. "I love you"

Suddenly he no longer says the most important sentence in a relationship and even if you say "I love you" does he only react softly, turn away or distract? Oha, this is one of the most succinct signs that the Feelings from his side as good as gone for you are…

4. Time is money

You notice that your boyfriend is getting busier. Sometimes it's work, then sport or meeting friends. In any case, you can clearly see that his temporal priority is not yours. The solution process has already started ...

5. The question of guilt

He blames you more for everything? In every little relationship argument, even if it has made a mistake, are you ultimately the culprit? This is not only extremely manipulative, but also very disrespectful! See that this unhealthy form of relationship comes to an end.

6. The digital contact

You write him a sweet message and he always takes hours to respond? You call him and he can almost never or call you back hours later? A very clear sign that that he didn't care.

7. He avoids physical contact

You still have sex, but you notice more and more that he is the other one avoid physical closeness ?! No more cuddling, no more aftermath and otherwise there are only a few touches in everyday life? Oh oh, how does the famous movie say it so beautifully "He's just not into you (anymore) "….

8. He doesn't talk about himself anymore

In the beginning, you talked to your partner about everything and talked for hours - even about your feelings. But meanwhile you change only the most necessary words together? As soon as your friend comes home from work, does he immediately withdraw and only give a short answer to your questions? In the meantime, however, his need to speak has completely weakened. Then this could be another sign that he's losing interest in you.

9. He prefers to do something with others

While at the beginning of your relationship you spent every minute together, this is time together has become a rarity. Instead of meeting up with your friends, your friend prefers to do something alone. He hardly ever involves you in his endeavors and puts his needs first. Unfortunately, this also indicates that he didn't care about you.

10. Compliments? Nothing!

"You have such beautiful eyes", "The dress looks great on you" - You get such sentences from your loved one only rarely or actually not at all to listen? Here, too, the alarm bells should go off.

Does the relationship still make sense?

Is it still worth it to keep the relationship goingwhen he treats me like he doesn't care? This question naturally arises as your partner increasingly instructs you. Before breaking up, however, you should talk to your boyfriend about his or her behavior in advance. Try it at dinner together to address in his detached way. It is best not to talk around the bush for too long, but rather speak it all open to make you feel neglected by him.

Of course, you have to expect that your partner will reject you and possibly doesn't want to talk about his feelings. But even then you know where you are. If he's blocking more and more, the best thing to do is to draw a line and actually do one Consider separation. Because nothing is more painful than an unrequited love. Before you die of lovesickness, starting over may be the best option.

Or maybe your partner will open up and address their fears, doubts, and worries. Then you can together work on a solution and try to save your relationship.

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