How important is task management for lawyers

Time recording for law firms and lawyers

TMetric is software for time recording and invoicing with task management functions that are specially tailored to lawyers. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more with customers using an effective reporting module for time management, finance and invoices.
Full automatic time recording

Track time and expenses in real time

Capture information about time entries with unprecedented precision. TMetric is ideal for the exact time recording of your billable hours.

Precise customer billing

Make every minute count

TMetric tracks your billable hours across the entire workflow and saves them for easy billing and payroll accounting. Tracking billable hours is key to increasing your income.

Project reports with one click

Use qualitative reports for clever assessments

You can analyze organizational productivity by means of easy-to-understand reports in terms of time and expenditure - by user, project, task or customer. A smooth management solution to boost your company's productivity.

Entry for effortless bookkeeping

Cost planning and invoicing

With TMetric you can manage your financial budget and avoid overspending. Modernize your invoicing process and gain insights into your financial performance.

No complicated calculations

Round off time entries as needed

Rounding time logs in the recording of an attorney's work is critical prior to billing the client. Use this function when recording working time for cases and customers.

TMetric is a rapidly evolving solution

Frequent updates bring new amazing features