What is the best example of naughty advertising

Sixt is celebrated for fake advertisements

The motif was tweeted for the first time on November 6th - before the US media announced Joe Biden's election victory. The montage showing Donald Trump, the White House in Washington and a Sixt moving truck was spread by the account Der Gazetteur. It is a satire account with its own website, which is similar in its orientation to the postillon.

The ad was very well received on the social web. Anyone looking for the terms "Sixt" and "Trump" on LinkedIn, for example, will encounter enthusiastic comments about the ingenious marketing of the car rental company from Pullach. Hardly anyone noticed that Sixt was not responsible for the motif at all.

Der Gazetteur has affixed its account stamp - small but clearly recognizable - next to the rear right edge of the moving van depicted on the motif. Incidentally, a moving truck that Sixt fans should recognize: It was already used in the celebrated Gauland advertisement four years ago.

Christoph Assmann, Senior Executive Online Marketing at Sixt, felt compelled to provide clarity on LinkedIn. The manager did not give the people and media who disseminated the motif unchecked a good report: "We like to be quick to smile at the media competence of Corona deniers, QAnon supporters, Wendler fans and co. This was a fake Motif shared a thousand times without even attempting to find a source. " However, Assmann rightly states, one's own brand can be quite satisfied with itself: "I still feel a certain pride, because it is not normal for someone to replicate a Sixt advertisement voluntarily and free of charge. It is not normal for an advertisement to be posted a thousand times, shared and being spread is just as unusual. Which brands have this happened to? "

Sixt has worked hard for itself to achieve this status over the years, as the company - mostly in a team with its Jung von Matt agency - co-minted current events for bold advertising motifs on its own behalf. Whether train driver strikes, politicians breakdowns or Brexit: The Pullachers usually came up with something to dust off earned media. In this respect, the career of the fake Sixt motif shows that social networks can also ensure strong branding.

“It is just as unusual for an advertisement to be posted, shared and disseminated a thousand times over. With which brands is something like this already happening? "

Christoph Assmann, Sixt

Nevertheless, Assmann closes his LinkedIn post with an appeal for thought: "It showed me again how careful one should be in dealing with the media. This is only about a properly made forgery of a Sixt advertisement. However, when it comes to evaluating, for example Corona measures are taken, it can quickly become dangerous if abstruse sources are suddenly taken as evidence. " Irishman