Are there still husband materials these days

Men Women want to date vs. men Women want to get married

How do women decide whether to date you or marry you? Here is the real difference between dating material and husband material.

One is no better than the other, and at some stages in your life you may want to be the guy she wants to date and sometimes * probably later * you want to be the guy she wants to marry?

What makes a man an attractive partner?

The man women want to meet is exciting. When a woman is just up to date and not interested in a serious relationship, she wants to be with someone who is fun and interesting. Your priorities are likely elsewhere than in your career.

The man women women have a serious relationship with and want to marry with is someone they can imagine spending the rest of their life with - safe, secure, and likely father material

Knowing where you are in your life and what you are looking for will determine which archetype will lead to you what you desire - fun times with the woman you are dating or a commitment that leads to marriage.

How to be the man she wants to date

Be exciting and unpredictable. Women crave spontaneity and excitement in their life and if you give it she will be very happy to date you. Far too many men play so safe these days that they get bored.

They put women on a pedestal too much and kiss the ass in hopes of being rewarded with intimacy. Unfortunately for many women this is a massive shutdown.

Women tend to date "bad guys" ?? especially when they are younger and their priorities are elsewhere. They know the relationship is unlikely to go anywhere, so they go for the most fun option - go for the guy who is most attractive at the moment, even if they rationally know it won't lead to anything serious. Men who are looking for a date and don't want to get into a serious relationship usually want to know how to get into that guy.

The term "bad boy"? can easily be misleading as it doesn't mean that you are actually a bad person or that you treat women badly. It's just a label that describes men who are unpredictable, not interested in anything serious * and almost so exciting that it gives women the thrill they want.

They want to get the most of their life * and that includes relationships * and the idea of ​​settling down isn't particularly appealing to them.

Some of these traits don't sound particularly pleasant, but they don't come from some hideous place - just forging their own way in life, and if people want to ride, that's great. If not, that's great too.

Think of the action movie characters women rave about, like James Bond or Jason Statham in The transporter . They have these qualities. They have their job in the world and leave with little regard for what others think, precisely because they are so attractive.

This guy has a lot of options when it comes to women. He has not invested much in one person, but is content on his own. He could play the field, or he could just casually go out and spend most of his time doing other things. The fact that other women like him and his seek thrills is some kind of social proof. If others like him, there must be something attractive about him, thinks the subconscious.

How to be the man she wants to marry

The above traits are still universally attractive to women, but being the type wants to put yourself at ease with forever, your priorities and actions have to be different.

You don't want to be predictable and boring, but you should be safe and secure. She wants to know that you can take care of a family, will provide and be a good father. Whether you want to have children now, later, or not at all, the qualities of a good father will be similar to those of a good husband.

Be strong and determined, but at the same time be kind and emotionally connected on a deeper level with your family and loved ones. Take responsibility for your actions, but be ready to include your partner in the decisions you want to make.

When you go out, and especially at a young age, is a starving artist or bartender called "cool," ?? nervous, and not a bad thing at all. But if you are thinking about settling down, being old together, and having kids, women will value success and security. It is important to have a good job and the resources to support yourself.

No woman wants to marry a man whom she has to look after and treat like another child. This is why it is a good idea to focus on your work and career to get your life in order before settling down.

Following this, the decision to enter into a serious relationship will not be taken lightly with the woman you want to be with, will definitely consider the opinion of her close friends and family. A nice, reliable and nice guy will please you around him.

Show them that you can treat them well and they will give their blessings. If their loved ones don't like you, it can end a burgeoning serious relationship before it even begins.

Of course you shouldn't be a pushover and still be your own man and follow your dreams and passions and work to live the life you desire. The difference now is that you want a marriage and a family in this life that will become two of your top priorities.

Which one do you want to be

In my opinion, a man should focus his youth on personal growth and building a successful life for himself and his future family. This means casual dating and the creation of relationships and general life experience through the teens and early twenties.

By the time you are in your mid to late twenties you might decide it is time to start thinking about marriage and family. At this stage, you need to consider your behavior and actions according to your priorities. If you want to date, work on being attractive to women who just want to date. If you want a more serious relationship, work stably and reliably.

On the other hand, if you've always been the "nice guy"? Those who want to escape the dreaded friend zone and enjoy a more fulfilling dating life will want to adopt some of the characteristics of the man they want to meet.

I am not saying that you should be wrong or pretend to be something you are not. Rather, you want to reassess your perspective on women and relationships and pay attention to what you want to make of them. If you want to go out casually but your behaviors say you want something serious, it is this mismatch that damages your success. In fact, if you are looking for something more serious, you can find more success. But the key is to align your actions with your intentions.

At the end of the day, being the type she wants to date or the man she wants to marry doesn't make you a different person. It's just a different perspective and intention at a different point in life. Your core personality will remain the same throughout, and you will still be you.