Why do people ignore LinkedIn invitations

LinkedIn invitations from people I don't know

Let's see what happens depending on why you're using LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn as a way to find business opportunities

In this case, you are more likely to be the one sending the invitation than the one receiving it. You should only accept a connection when a potential deal is imminent, which is unlikely with cold invitations. In this case, you should mostly ignore the invitation.

  • LinkedIn as a way to find a job

Unless the invitation is from a recruiter or someone from a company you are targeting, ignore the invitation.

  • LinkedIn to stay in touch with your network (e.g. via groups)

Someone you don't know isn't on your network. Again, you should ignore the invitation.

  • LinkedIn to show the world that you have a large network and are "important" in your field

If you are important, you already know people. If you want to be seen as a major professional, at the very least make sure you have good quality connections. Ignore most invitations and use heavy filtering.

  • You are a recruiter - full time

You can accept anyone. The more people you know, the greater the chance of finding a suitable candidate for your client.

Conclusion: Most of the time it seems better to ignore invitations. Even from people you know. Note that in many cases you will only be asked for connections to send messages.Make sure there is a public way to contact you and avoid most of the cold invitations.