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North Carolina: Mysterious sea creature with angel wings washed up - what kind of creature is that?

Locals confused: what kind of strange sea creature is that on the beach?

Fuchs, the lucky dragon, is it you? Or is it a dementor from "Harry Potter"? After a bizarre sea monster was found on the coast of California just a few weeks ago, it is now the turn of the US east coast: On the Outer Banks in North Carolina, locals found a "gargoyle-like" creature.

Vacationer Kenny Harris made the mysterious find. During a morning walk on the beach, the 42-year-old saw something lying in the sand: a dead animal. However, this had little in common with an ordinary fish and was more like a fearsome creature. The sea monster even has wings that are reminiscent of an angel. What's up with the strange animal?

Online people are busy puzzling over what the bizarre animal could be

"I come from West Virginia and visit the Outer Banks twice a year. And I've never seen anything like it," Kenny Harris told the British newspaper "Mirror". Even when he shared photos of the mysterious sea monster online, he did not get any more detailed information. The locals were just as perplexed as he was.

Opinions as to what exactly the creature with the angel wings could be differed greatly. Some suspected a mythical bat-fish hybrid, others claimed to have noticed a similarity to Fuchur, the dragon hero from "The Neverending Story". A dementor was also thrown into the race. These are the creepy and nasty villains from the "Harry Potter" universe.

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The resolution: The sea monster is assigned to this genus

An agreement on what the gargoyle-like creature is now followed a little later. Kenny Harris is said to have found an angel shark, a very endangered group of sharks. These were once common in the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Seas until the population declined sharply in the 1980s.

How this particular shark died and where the monster came from before it landed in the Outer Banks in North Carolina remains a mystery. (vd├╝)