What does web publishing include

Who in Switzerland offers a course or a seminar in web publishing?

What options are there for a course or seminar in Switzerland in web publishing?

Almost all companies in Switzerland today have their own website. There is therefore great demand for the profession of web publisher. For this reason, more and more people are being trained in web publishing in a course or seminar. The basics, specialist knowledge and special knowledge for a web publisher are offered in many schools and teaching institutes in Switzerland. People interested in training can work full-time or part-time after passing the exam. The training usually lasts one and a half to two years and imparts the knowledge that a web publisher needs. Following the training, web publishers or web designers can work in the planning, development and administration of internet projects.

Depending on the provider, a course or seminar on web publishing can be very different. The institutes offer training on a part-time, extra-occupational basis and of various lengths. The course content also varies depending on which course or seminar you choose.

In addition to face-to-face teaching, some learning institutes also offer web publishing as distance learning. Around 15 hours of time must be invested per week. The entire training usually lasts 15 to 18 months and ends with an examination. Successful graduates receive a certificate that is recognized by all companies. Information on the duration, costs, supervision and study material can be obtained from the institutes carrying out the study.

Most web publishing courses cover the basics of web design, web programming and the use of content management systems. In addition, there is the know-how about graphics, image processing programs, design and motion graphics. In addition, knowledge of game development, CCS, HTML, JavaScript, Visual F / X, web videos, 3D visualization, sound design and PHP and the MySQL database are imparted. After successful participation, the graduate receives a certificate as a web or media publisher.

As a rule, there are no special school requirements for admission to this training or further education. However, solid PC and Internet skills are expected. The detailed admission requirements can be obtained from the respective provider.

Who is a course or seminar in web publishing suitable for?

Before you embark on the path of the web publisher, you should consider whether you meet the requirements for this profession. You should have good aesthetics and be able to understand complex relationships and represent them simply.

Web publishing is a typical apprenticeship. A medium-level educational qualification or a technical college entrance qualification is recommended. The job is suitable for anyone interested in web design and those who publish and need web skills for their work. People from creative and communicative professions who want to get into the field of new media are also welcome

Is there anything else to consider?

Due to the part-time orientation of many web publishing courses and seminars, many interested people have the option of a creative web activity. Even if there are many ways in web design, nothing works without in-depth training. Anyone who can design and implement the graphic design, multimedia processing and functionality of a website has very good career prospects. Promotion to a managerial position such as content manager is also possible. Because many employers come from different industries, knowledge from other areas is definitely desirable.

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