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KTM 390 Adventure: The new Enduro in the driving report

With the 390 Adventure, KTM presents a real multitool for road, terrain, travel and even everyday life. The details are also impressive. All information, pictures, technical data, price.

  • Versatile use with 44 hp engine

  • Good equipment, affordable price

  • A2 driving license suitable

The days when single-cylinder motorcycles were in great demand and displacements below 500 cubic centimeters were attractive are long gone in Germany. But in a globalized world, even Central Europe's most renowned manufacturers are not afraid to full-fledged small motorcycles to develop.

After BMW with the G 310 GS, KTM is now bringing in Multipurpose bike with a displacement of less than 400 cubic centimeters on the market: The KTM 390 Adventure costs 6195 euros and is supposed to rev up primarily in other regions of the world, but also to attract customers in the established markets. With an engine output of 32 kW / 44 PS, the 172-kilo two-wheeler fits into the regulations of the A2 driving license and shows just as much talent on first trips on country and mountain roads as in heavy city traffic.

44 hp engine and 160 km / h top speed

The liquid-cooled single cylinders is a very lively fellow with 44 HP at 9000 revolutions. One is almost inclined to forget that the power comes from a displacement of just 373 cubic centimeters. If you want to move forward quickly, you shouldn't be shy Have speeds beyond 7000 revolutions, the maximum torque is only achieved with this brand anyway. But the little single turns up not only easily, but also with very little vibration. With a top speed of 160 km / h, it is not a problem to swim with traffic on the freeway.

Of course, small slopes with as many winding slopes as possible are more fun. Turn in, bend, accelerate out - everything slips without any effort during the test drive on the Canary Island of Tenerife. The landing gear with 19-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear wheel also gets good marks.

Not least thanks to the modest curb weight, it is easy to be fast on winding slopes with the 390 Adventure. The comfortably wide, easy-to-hand handlebars, the relaxed seating position and the All technical components run smoothly.

The KTM 390 Adventure is well equipped

In terms of equipment, the KTM sets standards in the class of small motorcycles. So is a Lean angle sensor built in, the one Cornering ABS and a dynamic traction control enables. The installation of a comparatively powerful 43 millimeters is also not a matter of course for this class USD forkwhich can also be set in two parameters. The two adjustable hand levers for the front brake and clutch are useful details. Unique in this vehicle class is the option (for a fee) of using the 390 Adventure with a Quickshifter to be able to change gears without clutch assistance.

The 320 millimeter radial disc brake in the front wheel is very easy to operate. It decelerates firmly and easily, while the concept of the rear brake does not go beyond a supporting function.

As Adventure bike the little KTM has to be able to assert itself on gravel roads and nature trails. In view of the 20 centimeters of ground clearance and 17 centimeters of suspension travel, this is possible without any problems. The traction control can be deactivated on loose ground, and the ABS also has an off-road mode that enables the rear wheel to be locked.

Range approx. 300 km, affordable price

The colorful, diverse and easy-to-read TFT display with handlebar remote control of the on-board computer is also atypical for the small motorcycle category. Even Connectivity options are thus given. Thanks to the convincing upholstery and contour of the seat, the 390 Adventure is ideally suited for long tours. The 14.5 liter capacity helps a lot big tank. There are almost 300 kilometers before the reserve signal lights up if the engine is not continuously driven to maximum performance. The Practice consumption is between 3.5 and 4.0 liters per 100 kilometers.

Technical data KTM 390 Adventure


Anyone who values ​​handiness, agility and low maintenance costs and an extremely versatile motorcycle for low price looking for, could be happy with the KTM 390 Adventure.

Text: Ulf Böhringer / SP-X

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