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Beethoven - A children's concert with works by Ludwig van Beethoven

  • Malte Arkona unearths a metronome and explains what it is used for (source: SWR - screenshot from the broadcast)

3. The invention of the metronome

► Film: Play the chapter “The Invention of the Metronome” (TC 08:29 - 10:19).

Participation campaign: “Ta ta ta” or The Mälzel Canon
"Beethoven, usually cheerful, witty, satyrical in a confidential circle, 'unbuttoned' as he called it, improvised the following canon at this farewell meal, which was immediately sung by the participants." (Anton Schindler, 1812)

Three names appear in this happy improvisation round and in connection with the canon "Ta ta ta":
• Ludwig van Beethoven, who invented the melody.
• Johann Nepomuk Mälzel, the inventor of the metronome and protagonist of the canon text. Like its relentless beat machine, this song also throbbed incessantly.
• Anton Schindler, he wrote down the improvisation of that night and is now considered the composer of the canon.

After all, we want to sing the Mälzel Canon together with the recording, accompanied by the orchestra!
■ On Worksheet 4 you can find the simplified version of the sheet music to sing along.

To practice:
It is enough if the children master the melody; Execution as canon in the classroom is very demanding. In the concert, the canon was only sung in two parts.
► Film: Playing the chapter “The Mälzelkanon” (TC 10:19 - 14:55).

Worksheet 5 a / b provides information on the Mälzel canon and the excerpt from the concert. It is also intended to help put Beethoven into a better historical context. (suitable from class 5)