So many people, so little humanity Why

Humanity: that's why it's so important

Humanity Definition: What defines a person

Humanity has several meanings. The first follows directly from the word from which humanity is derived: human.

So everything is what directly related to people stands, human. This is particularly easy to distinguish from animals, plants or objects.

Humanity also has another normative characterby associating it with certain values ​​and ideas, depending on religion or worldview. These distinguish the true or ideal person.

According to Duden, there is also the idea of Humanity as weakness or wrongdoing, as it is expressed in many thoughts of philosophers and thinkers.

Often we use humanity in that evaluative and thus positive meaning. We associate certain characteristics with humanity and whoever thinks and acts accordingly gets the attribute human.

Humanity is always a part of it Mirror of the respective culture and your own individually defined values ​​and ideas.

Synonymous with humanity can be said:

  • mercy
  • humanity
  • Philanthropy
  • Mildness
  • pity
  • Charity
  • tolerance

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Humanity traits: These virtues are needed

Often times with humanity for example following virtues connected:

Based on the above properties it can already be seen that this Virtues are often synonymous with humanity be used.

Humanists like Johann Gottfried Herder in the 18th century assume that humanity is only innate to some extent be. This means that the characteristics around humanity are only developed and refined in the course of life.

The question arises why people have been concerned with what since ancient times Humanity and being human. The disgraceful answer: Because it cannot be taken for granted that people treat others with humanity.

There are monsters, but no monsters.

The quote from Karl Julius Weber shows what, according to popular understanding, distinguishes humans from animals: their humanity. He has the choice to be goodTo do good. For he who harms other people is regarded as a monster.

Animals - especially carnivores - do that too in a certain way; they “harm” other animals, even conspecifics, by hunting and eating them. However this is pure survival instinct.

A person who harms another without need, such as in an act of self-defense, usually does so lower instincts like revenge, anger, or resentment.

Humanity: Examples of Human Action

In modern societies, the understanding of humanity extends to helping other people. This notion can be found in the Basic Law as well as in human rights: people will Protection from persecution and assured against discrimination as well as against crime.

At the same time, according to democratic understanding, criminals are not exempt from these laws: Humanity is also accorded to those who marginalize themselves through their actions brought outside of societies to have.

Rehabilitation measures give people a chance who break the law but have served their sentences. Here, society in the form of the state proves humanity by former criminals get a second chance.

The extent to which this works depends on many other factors. It is not enough for the former offender to regret his act (although that forms a very good basis). It is equally important that the Society in the form of the respective fellow human beings Proves humanity.

In concrete terms: who is not exactly because of alleged petty offenses was imprisoned in the field of white-collar crime, but perhaps had a career as a drug trafficker since his youth, is likely to have to contend with many prejudices and reservations.

A former offender is allowed to interviewlie about his past. On the other hand, he is bound to the truth if his intended position is directly related to the crimes in the past.

Either way, it is never advantageous to base an employment relationship on lies and it is not uncommon for a criminal past to come out that way, so that the Entry into professional life often difficult after a prison term.

Here are Employers and staff alike asked to reintegrate former offenders.

Humanity: Quotes and Sayings

  • 'You can't help everyone,' says the narrow-minded man and doesn't help anyone.Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
  • Everyone has their sore point and that is what makes them human.Oscar Wilde
  • Your human environment is what determines the climate.Mark Twain
  • Nobody can always be a hero, but he can always be a person.Jewish proverb
  • For me, love is the most beautiful kind of humanity.Damaris Wieser
  • Humanity consists in the fact that no person is ever sacrificed to a purpose.Albert Schweitzer
  • The noblest occupation is that of people and that is why it is most often missed.Peter Sirius
  • Human interaction requires more forbearance than caution, more listening than persuasion.Ernst Ferstl
  • For most successful people, success is greater than humanity.Daphne du Maurier
  • Pious gestures do not help people who lack humanity.Confucius
  • The crowd is great, but the people are few.Diogenes of Sinope

Show humanity in the workplace

Now there are terms like mercy or charity real heavyweights in the area of ​​humanity. As a rule, work is not about reintegrating former offenders into society. Rather, it is often the little things that make the job attractive:

A smile here, an encouraging word there. Inquire about how the vacation was. Bring a cup of coffee. Working on solutions together. Something like that welds together.

What can humanity look like in the workplace? First of all, it's not a one-way street. On neither side should only expectation such as “she is the superior and must…” or “he is the employee, so must…” prevail.

The following aspects are also helpful:

  • attention

    It is a widespread bad habit for people to hang on to their smartphones in the presence of others. Mind you: It's not about strangers at the bus stop, but about people who spend time together - for example during their lunch break, in a meeting or when visiting. Some bosses also show disinterest in a terrifying way if they only listen with half an ear when their employees tell them about problems at work. Humanity also means taking the time for another person and listening to them fully. By listening we learn not only information on a factual level, but also something about the communicating person. This facilitates future assessments and procedures.

  • Appreciation

    Treating each other with respect does not require much, at least not in material terms. Employers and supervisors show humanity, for example, by promoting an appreciative corporate culture. This contributes to the fact that employees feel comfortable in the workplace, are not afraid of making mistakes and feel that they are seen as human beings.

  • humor

    Letting go of five times also relaxes the mood immensely and contributes to the working atmosphere. Anyone who, as a boss, makes jokes and can sometimes laugh at those who get the employer wiped out, shows true sovereignty. Don't always look deadly serious, even if the unsuccessful first attempt is annoying. On the other hand, those who repeatedly have to emphasize their authority and turn everything into a catastrophe tend to appear uptight and unsympathetic.

  • empathy

    Nobody expects you as an employee to cry with them when your supervisor or colleague has to complain about a loss in the family. Nevertheless, it shows empathy if you show consideration in such situations and forgive, for example, lack of concentration, lack of attention towards you or minor mistakes. You show humanity when you ask how you feel and understand that someone is sad at that moment. When you find words of comfort and offer help.

  • humility

    Humility is human too. It means not taking yourself too seriously as a superior, but voluntarily making yourself small. That shows true greatness. And it opens up possibilities. In this way, the gap between employees and boss can be bridged and difficulties can be addressed more easily. Those who sit on their high horse, on the other hand, seem slightly aloof, infallible and also: inhuman.

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