What should a Bichon Frize dog eat

Farewell to the Bichon frize breeder

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a bichon baby; consequently, from now on you also bear the entire responsibility for this little creature.

The breeder has certainly given you good advice, provided you with food for the first few days and “instructions for use” for the early days with your puppies.
He also handed you the vaccination certificate and the deworming plan at the same time. You will usually only receive the pedigree some time later,
it will be sent to you by your breeder after receipt from the stud book office.



The Bichon frise puppy room is empty
- separation pain -

Saying goodbye to my Bichon frize puppies is always very difficult for me.
Afterwards I feel like a traitor who sold his children.
But I don't just breed for my own pleasure, but also to make people with a bichon frizzy puppy happy.
The day the last of my bichon frize babies is picked up is especially bad for me,
suddenly everything is so terribly calm and empty.

The bichon frize mom is usually happy when her puppies, which are very exhausting for them at this age, leave the house.
Now nobody bites her ears or tugs at her anymore.
She also no longer needs to play wild games with the little rascals.
She now has time again to only attend to her own needs.

Until the day the little bichon frisé puppy has to leave his breeder, the world was fine and perfect for him.
He felt very comfortable in the circle of his siblings and in the pack, he lacked for nothing.
For such a little guy, being torn out of his familiar surroundings is always a shock.
He does not understand at all why he is suddenly separated from his family and home.
Everything the Bichon frise puppy experiences, sees and smells from now on is new and strange to him.
He is afraid, feels terribly lonely and abandoned.

Treat your little bichon very carefully and lovingly in the first phase of separation.

In this way he can quickly gain confidence in you and overcomes his insecurity very quickly.
Soon he will feel right at home with you.
But DO NOT regret him in a compassionate voice.
Show him through your loving behavior and an encouraging, cheerful tone of your voice that everything is in order and that his "adventure life" is beginning.



The journey home

During the drive to his new home, a family member should look after the little Bichon frise in the back seat and talk to him reassuringly.

A transport box is safer than carrying it on your lap and it is also waterproof.
Vomit or a "minor mishap" can be cleaned up quickly with kitchen paper.
This is probably his first drive in the car and everything around him is strange, it can hit his stomach and intestines.
If your puppy is very excited, you should stop again after a few kilometers to give him the opportunity to go for a walk.

To loosen up you can play with him, of course always on a leash!

It depends on its first trip whether the Bichon Frise puppy likes to ride in the car as an adult dog or whether it constantly feels discomfort as soon as it is supposed to get into the vehicle.