What is the appeal of Michelle Obama

US election campaign: Michelle Obama - big mouth, a lot behind

She is the reflection of Bill Clinton in the pair skating of the candidates. And if there were a television debate between the partners, between the possible first lady and the possible first gentleman of America, the outcome would be open. This should be a compliment: Michelle Obama (44) could become the first black wife at the side of America's first half-black president in November. And if she does, she has a decisive part in it.

The idea would have to take your breath away, even you, a woman of enormous, well-founded self-confidence. It's true, Michelle Obama studied at Princeton, she trained as a lawyer at Harvard. She always worked, even after the birth of the girls, Natasha (called Sasha) and Malia, who are now six and nine years old, and have earned more than him for a long time.

If politics were to irritate it, it would hardly be inferior to Barack. All she has to do is dampen her sarcasm; Humor appears printed and sharper than spoken without context. About Dick Cheney, for example, who is largely related to Barack Obama, she jokes far more nastily than he does.

"I have a loud mouth"

She explained her understanding of her role in the election campaign in a TV interview at the end of May 2007: “I don't want to paint an unrealistic picture of us, so that in the end, if it doesn't work out, people feel deceived by us. We are what we are. I have a loud mouth, I'm raising my husband. He's incredibly smart, and he's very capable of dealing with a strong woman. Getting along with me is one of the reasons he's a good president. "

Within the Obama team, they are appreciatively referred to as "the closer". She can sell the product Obama: persuade undecided voters to sign promises to vote.

You don't expect Michelle Obama to use the sweetish rhetoric of the women's program for wives candidates. The mocking coolness of the career woman is reminiscent of Hillary Clinton, who assured us 15 years ago that she was not the type of woman who found happiness in the house while “baking cookies”. The fact that her husband now has to defeat the woman whose obvious strength is one of her weaknesses in the fight for the nomination of the Democrats is at least original. When asked (idiotic) about her favorite recipe, Michelle Obama had to admit that cooking, unlike raising children, is not her thing. As a first lady, that hardly disqualifies her.

Obama and the Strong Women

Nobody can miss Michelle Obama when she walks into a room. Almost 1.80 meters tall (with heels on the same level as her husband), trained daily (her skipping rope classes for her daughter's ballet class are legend), broad-shouldered, tart in her attractiveness. A hint of toughness and “Don't mess with me” around the mouth, passionate intelligence in the eyes. Her petty bourgeois origins from Chicago's South Side - her father, who developed multiple sclerosis at the age of 30, worked for the waterworks, most recently under agony; he died a few months after the wedding in 1990 - made her proud and, under armor, left her warm-hearted. She believes in work, in family, in faith, in herself. She is a woman who doesn't need a man who needs a woman.

Barack Obama, who grew up fatherless, owes his upbringing, his belief in goodness and the rare gift of feeling good in his own skin to strong women. He dedicated his political biography, “The Audacity of Hope”, to two white women who raised him: “To my maternal grandmother, Tutu, who was a rock of stability in my entire life, and to my mother, whose loving spirit was me still helps. ”The third, his Michelle, he throws himself at the feet of thanksgiving. It was only with her help that he had come up with many ideas. Every day he began to understand how lucky he was to have Michelle in his life. Actually, Marian Robinson (70), his mother-in-law, still belongs to the lucky series. Without their help, the power couple Obama would have had to neglect their girls.

Michelle Obama gives her husband earth liability